Top 10 reasons why you need to get a new mattress today

Are you considering purchasing a new mattress? In addition to helping you to sleep better, a new bed can help relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and enhance your ability to concentrate throughout the day. Here are some good reasons you should find a new mattress.

1. Your Existing Mattress is Old

Most experts suggest that you should change your mattress about every 7 to 10 years. The life of your mattress often depends on many different factors, including your surroundings, your sleeping habits, and much more. Regions where dust mites are more likely to accumulate or sleep patterns which are demanding on your bed, can make it wear out even earlier than the recommended period of 10 years.

2. You suddenly have allergies

Allergens can quickly accumulate on your mattress as time goes by. Little bugs and microscopic organisms may also reside in your bed. This is the reason you will need to be sure that you deal with these allergies as quickly as possible. Replacing your mattress can help you sleep better and reduce the frequency of mold & germs related illnesses.

3. Obvious sagging

The most visible sign that a bed needs to be replaced is sagging. Additionally, it is a symptom that applies to all kind of mattresses, as springs break down with time, memory foam gets lighter, and the fibers in another stuff compress – all of which contribute to sagging.

4. Your Mattress squeaks and creaks

Most mattresses will have seasons which creak and squeak as you go to sleep. If this happens, then you need to find a way to get rid of the issue. The best way is to get a new mattress or even replace your bed if the squeaking can also come from your bed too.

5. You Are in Pain

If every morning is an unpleasant experience, it may be that your mattress is producing some of the pain. The final result is usually a failure to get decent sleep, which can affect your overall health.

6. Your Kids Are Growing

Most children can sleep just about anywhere, on just about any surface. But the fact they can sleep in some uncomfortable places doesn’t mean you ought to give them an uncomfortable mattress. In actuality, kids sleep a whole lot because they require sleep to grow and develop correctly. If they spend the night tossing and turning into fitful sleep rather than deep sleep, it can impact their ability to flourish.

7. You’re Getting Older

As you age, your body requires extra support or some additional comfort to have the ability to sleep soundly every night. Even in the case that you are sleeping on the same kind of bed for several years, it is a fantastic idea to test out some new mattress choices before you just purchase the same type over and over again for your bedroom.

8. Woke Up all night

If you can’t fall asleep or wake up during the night time and adjust positions, it might be time to replace your mattress. Naturally, other things like anxiety or inadequate sleep hygiene can keep you awake at night, also. But if you are tossing and turning into the wee hours, it is likely that your mattress no longer offers you the real comfort and you will need a new one.

9. Sleeping for two

Among the more exciting reasons for obtaining a brand new mattress is becoming pregnant. As your body is experiencing so many changes throughout the pregnancy period, an adjustable bed is an excellent choice that will provide support during each phase of the journey.

10. Quite the impression

This one applies especially to memory foam mattresses and can be somewhat tricky to decipher. See, memory foam is supposed to “recall” your body and sleeping position but only to a certain level. Once you leave the bed, the foam should mostly regain its original position. But with time the cellular arrangement of memory foam breaks down, becoming thinner and losing its strength to bounce back and to provide support. If your memory foam mattress includes a body feeling that remains long after you have gotten up, or if the impression is more profound than two inches, then it is time to replace it.

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