About me

Mike MyersIn case you were jubilating about the fact that you just reached the blog of Mike Myers, the actor, the first thing I will say about myself is that I am not him (sorry to break it down like that). It is just a name coincidence, although I must admit that I am a huge fan of Mike Myers. I am not sure it is because we share the same name or simply because of the man’s character and acting skills. Or perhaps both of these aspects made me appreciate this actor so much.

I even draw a parallel between me and the famous Mike Myers and listed a few of my favorite movies with this actor, you’ll find everything on the homepage of this blog. It’s fun if I think about it and most people are rather amazed when I introduce myself and they get to hear my name. So, yes, I can’t say that my life is boring.

Because I am a rather social creature, who loves chatting and being around people, I decided to take things to a different level and talk to you in a written form. Thus, I created this blog, where I share my ideas and various pieces of information I consider interesting. In my opinion, writing for my blog is just like sitting down with a friend, talking about things and enjoy a good cup of coffee.

I never feel alone when I am writing because I know that you, the reader, are out there and listen to what I have to say through the lines I write.

If you browse through the posts that are already published on my blog, you will see that the posts are somewhat special and are not the kind of articles you find on most of the blogs.

Considering that I share the same name with the actor that has one of the most intriguing personality out there, I felt compelled, in a way, to avoid the ordinary when composing my texts. The truth is that I enjoy being compared with Mike Myers, the actor, but, at the same time, it’s like people expect something different from me.

So, I do invest a good amount of time and effort in doing my research before I actually start writing a post. I really want you to read a good article if you decided to give my blog a chance.

In case you are wondering whether I am as funny as the actor, well, I like to believe that I am. Or so my friends are telling me (if they are lying about it, I’ll probably never find out as they don’t want to hurt my feelings by telling me the truth). But, what you need to know that except a good sense of humor and interest for curiosities, I don’t have anything else in common with the actor.

I grew up pretty much in the same manner as any other child does in Britain, so I was far from being a boy genius. However, I always enjoyed good stories and reading, as often as it was possible. Thus, I think that these things pushed me to where I am today, and that is in the position of a blog writer.

So, if you want to get some useful pieces of advice or simply get your hands on a good story, don’t hesitate to check my blog out.

I honestly encourage you not just to read the posts, but also comment and share your ideas. I love brainstorming and I will be grateful for any kind of reactions from your side.

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