Best mattress buying guide for good sleep

If you are shopping for a new mattress, it’s easier to get overwhelmed by the variety of mattresses available in the market. Luckily, the information gathered here is enough to guide you into buying good-quality and comfortable mattress that suits your needs.

Major types of mattresses

Here is a list of the most common types of mattresses you can find in the market.

Memory foam mattress

The memory foam mattress is widely known for its unique feature which is conforming to the body shape of the sleeper. When you lie on it, it softens and moulds to your body shape and spring back when you get up. Although many manufactures use polyurethane to create the form layers, there are some who use latex or both. It’s a great choice for someone looking for great support and comfort. It is even more helpful to a side sleeper because it will offer support to the hip and shoulder for good sleep. The mattress also contains several layers of foam which protect the mattress from sagging in the middle. Thus, there will be no need to flip the mattress too often.

Innerspring mattress

Innerspring mattresses are common designs and have been in use since 1857 when they were invented. Modern designs have continued to come up making the innerspring mattress more strong and comfortable than it was before. The mattress is composed of steel coils in various configurations to provide support to the sleeper. The coils arrangement come in two ways, that is, connected or individually wrapped. In a connected design, the mattress has a bouncier feel and you may feel the effect when your partner rolls unlike in an individually wrapped design mattress which you may not notice anything. The coils are well covered by upholstery or padding to make the mattress more stable, comfortable and smooth to the sleeper.


Latex mattresses are made of latex foam. Many people prefer them because they are made from natural materials making them environmentally friendly. The resilient materials used are firm enough to offer comfort and support to back, tummy and side sleepers. If you are looking for a solution to lower back pain, latex may be a good choice for you.

Adjustable air mattress

The most impressive feature about an adjustable air mattress is the freedom to inflate its firmness to your desire using air technology. It’s also the reason why most outdoor enthusiasts use it during a camping experience. You have the chance to fill the air chambers of the mattress to your firmness desire for an adjustable sleep experience. Wondering how to adjust the firmness? The mattress usually comes with remote control for adjustment. Since the chambers are individually based, it’s easy to adjust each side of the bed separately. This feature comes in handy to couples who have different sleep desires.

Other types of mattresses include:

  • Futon
  • Waterbed
  • Hybrid
  • Gel

Essential things to note when shopping for a mattress

Now that you know the different types of mattresses, it will be much better do dig deeper and learn some important things you should note before purchasing that mattress you just saw in your local store.

The type of sleeper you are

Before even thinking about buying a new mattress, get to know the kind of a sleeper you are. This will greatly help you to select the most suitable mattress for you. If you are a back sleeper, consider a mattress that will give maximum support to your spine. Therefore, don’t go anywhere near a mattress that sinks in the centre of the bed to avoid dealing with lower back pains. A side sleeper will need a mattress that offers shoulder and hip support. That’s because they are the primary pressure points that need support if you want to avoid experiencing pain and discomfort in the hips and shoulders. For tummy sleepers, choose a firm and strong mattress. It will prevent your tummy and hips from sinking in the bed which can cause more problem to your spine.

Sharing the bed or not

When choosing a mattress, you need to consider the number of people who will be using that bad at the same time. If you sleep alone, it easier to make a decision because you will just choose a mattress that supports your body depending on your sleeping position. If you are going to share your bed with either your partner, children or a pet, then it has to be strong and comfortable for you both. Make sure you also put the needs of the one you are going to share the bed with into consideration as you shop for the ideal mattress.

Good-quality mattress shopping tips

After you have made up your mind on the kind of mattress you want to invest on, here are amazing tips to help make your shopping experience great.

Take your time

You will be using that mattress for at least 5 years, then why should you be a hurry to pick it? If you are purchasing yours in a local store, examine your mattress from every corner before you make up your mind. Do not give in to the sales people’s pressure, they are only there to sell but remember you will be the one to use it. So, take your time. On the day you are going to buy the mattress, wear loose clothes and shoes you can easily slip off. Ask the store attendant to allow you to lie on the mattress to get the feel. If you are shopping online, check return options so that if it doesn’t suit you, you can easily return it.


While it is possible to change your mind depending on the kind of a mattress you have fallen in love with, it’s usually important to stick to your budget. It wouldn’t harm to adjust a little bit though. If you are buying in a store, salespeople may lure you into shopping for extras such as comforters and mattress protectors. Although they are nice to have items on your bed, if you haven’t budgeted for them, avoid them completely. Also, remember to ask for discount options and don’t be afraid to negotiate. You don’t have to stick to one store if the prices don’t fit your budget, move to the next store or check available options online. Just ensure you get a good deal without compromising on the quality.
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