The deliverables

Responsive Web Design

  • Adaptive Web Design
  • Grid Design using Bootstrap
  • Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

User Experience

  • User Research
  • Wireframes
  • Interactive Prototypes

Minisites & Microsites

  • Minisite Design
  • Microsite Design & Development
  • Marketing Materials

Logo Design & Infographics

  • Logo Illustrations
  • Infographic Design
  • Iconography

Animated Banner Ads

  • HTML5 Banners
  • Animated GIF Banners
  • Flash Banners

Marketing Campaigns

  • eNewsletters
  • Marketing Materials
  • Print Media

What you get

Working with me

Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch

Studies show people spend an average of 7 seconds or less on 90% of the websites they visit. Of course, you don’t want to get into this crowd. When you have only a few moments to convince your website visitors to stay with you and find out who you are, what you do and why you’re the best choice, the perfect pitch will do it for you. Your logo, tagline and the initial two sentences of your website copy will be clear and will promote your brand with credibility and impact, outlining your specialty and target niche.

Call to action

Call to Actions

Call to actions are designed to engage your visitors and guide them down the path to a conversion, whether it’s a phone call, a purchase or enquiry. Smart call to actions preempt the visitors next step and gently lead them through your website in the way you want them to experience your website while delivering the information they are seeking. Your website is your sales rep and he will talk to and guide your website visitors towards the actions you want them to perform while visiting your website.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking

A well performing website is also capable of reporting the actions of your site visitors based on tracking capabilities. Moreover, conversion tracking will help you keep a close eye on your website’s commercial performance, will keep you informed on how many inquiries and sales you receive through your website. All this information allows you to accurately measure and evaluate your marketing spend and the success of your online marketing, ultimately measuring the success of your website.

About Us Page

Engaging "About Us" Page

Most websites feature boring “About Us” pages, they look like those businesses don’t know how to present themselves. You don’t need to sit on the same chair. Because this page is not about your business. Ultimately it’s about your customers. Your “About Us” page will be built as to present all information in the context of how it benefits your visitors, while creating an engaging portrait of the personalities behind your organisation, letting your visitors know how you’re going to make their lives better.

High Quality Content

High Quality Content

You’ll benefit of a well structured website and a high quality copy, proving itself useful, informative and engaging, easy to read, delivered in portions and frequencies that match the interest of your customers. Together with your branding and website design, the content will lead the visitors towards the purchase you expect from them. High-quality content tells your story, attracts your audience attention and explains the problems you solve and how you solve them in an intelligent and appealing way.

Visual Design

Visual Design

It’s often said you don’t need the most beautiful website in the world to sell your products and services. That’s true. But an aesthetically appealing and visually interesting website will make your visitors stay more on your website, remember your business and share your website with others. Visual design has a significant impact on a visitor’s emotional response to your business, so you’ll get a gorgeous visual design to help you increase the conversions and the success of your website.

User Experience

User Experience

User experience is about providing what your prospects need before they even know they need it. This is why the focus point in building your website is your visitors objectives and points of view. With these in mind, it gets easier building a website oriented to satisfy the visitors’ needs in the most effective manner. Building your website based on your visitors’ perspective helps creating an experience that anticipates their needs and delivers the right solutions, burning some steps towards converting.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly Design

Having a mobile friendly website is not an option anymore, it’s mandatory, since at any given moment there are more users surfing the internet on smartphones and tablets than using desktops or laptops. What you get is a fully responsive website, not just viewable, but optimised for mobile devices, making sure that no matter what device someone uses, your website delivers its content in the most effective way. This helps visitors convert without the need of switching the device, risking losing them.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

A website is like a living organism and, similar to other living organisms or pieces of software, it requires care, updates and upgrades. The reason is even if you get a website built using the newest software that has been verified to be fully functional and secure and your website does not change, the environment it is operating in changes, from hosting functionalities to security requirements. I offer continuous maintenance and hands-on support, being happy to be your personal website concierge.


Standard Package

Customised website design based on your brand
Responsive format for mobile and tablet screens
Editing system (WordPress) so you can add and update pages
Animated photo showcase on home page
Integrated with up to two social media platforms
Enquiry forms on home page and contact page
Formatting of your content (5-10 pages)

Professional Package

All features of Standard Package, plus
Extra design time to give your website the “wow” factor
Professional content writing or editing for up to 5 pages
Premium stock photos or re-touching of up to 10 photos
Auto-responder so customers get an instant response
On-site SEO optimisation of titles, meta tags & site map
Live chat facility so customers can make instant contact

Ecommerce Package

All features of Standard Package, plus
Integrated e-commerce shopping cart
Support for unlimited products
Payment gateway integration with Paypal
Optional multi-currency and multi-language support
Full range of e-commerce add-ons available
Live chat facility so customers can make instant contact

The Website Design Process


Making a list of your requirements and adding my own suggestions to create a website structure.


Ensuring that your expectations are met and exceeded while structuring the website.


Incorporating your business brand and colours to create a beautiful, unique website.


Once the design is approved, turning the design into a functional website.

Unlimited Happiness Guarantee


Unlimited Support


Unlimited Design Revisions


Unlimited pages

What you get when you call me / Why work together

Experienced And Reliable
Remarkable Custom Design
Unlimited Lifetime Support
Awesome And Affordable

A big Thanks to these clients for their trust in the services I provide

Get A Quote or Get Pricing?

Clients will eventually get their price, that’s no doubt, but how you lead them to that information is crucial. It’s also a matter of interpretation. When you’re looking for a quote, it’s likely you expect to fill out a form and receive a phone call, customized to your business or personal needs. If you’re looking for a price, you expect it to be there on the page you’re going to land. So what’s on that button depends on what’s behind of it. Make sure you’re taking the right decision, make sure it fulfills the expectations of your visitors for highest impact.