Black German Shepherd

While German Shepherd is a common dog in the world, Black German Shepherd is rare and can easily be distinguished from others due to its black coat. Here’s all you need to know about the Black German Shepherd.

The black coat on the Black German Shepherd comes from the dominant and recessive genes. Ideally, the German Shepherd is a mixture of brown and black. However, some carry the recessive black gene and in return, they give birth to a Black German Shepherd. More so, for a Black German Shepherd to be born, both parents must be carriers of the solid black recessive gene which is normally rare.

This has made the Black German Shepherd one of the most sought-after dogs in the world and this automatically translates to its high cost. So, if you are looking forward to owning one, then be ready to spend a fortune. The Black German Shepherd is rare in existence but it’s not very different from the other German Shepherd in terms of physical appearance.

So, what are the similarities and differences between these two breeds?

Black German Shepherd has a number of differences that make it easy for you to distinguish them from the common German Shepherd and they include a black solid color, a bit larger, have a straighter back and a longer coat and at times they have a flowing mane, skirting and feathering. However, the similarities are quite a number and they include a larger masculine body build, a fluffy tail, erect ears, double coat and they are heavy shedders.

Black German Shepherd Personality and Temperament

German Shepherds have records of being aggressive. However, Black German Shepherds are not very aggressive although they are both highly trainable thus making them more aggressive. German Shepherds are usually friendly even to strangers although they are a bit cautious with their choice of friends.

Black German Shepherds are actually easy going and approachable within a family. They are excellent guard dogs due to their protective and loyalty nature. Did you know a dog would need human attention? Well, Black German Shepherds requires attention from their family and companions and this is a special trait that makes them the most qualified candidate to be specially trained and work as service dogs.

The training is not hard since Black German Shepherds are highly trainable and when you pair the training with the need for companionship the results are perfect. This is why many of them have become a helping hand to the blind, deaf, impaired human beings among other needy people.

Training a Black German Shepherd

It is important to note that before any German Shepherd is allowed to mingle with people, it must undergo training. This training includes the Black German Shepherd dogs as well. Socialization training is vital since it enables the dog to be calmer even when exposed to sudden new experiences and to become an alert watchdog and a lovable family pet at the same time.

As mentioned earlier, the Black German Shepherd is ideally a large dog, socialization training is important to it because it assists large dogs a lot. Agility-based training is also necessary and the good news is that they respond quite well. Their positive response to training is the reason behind their popularity among law enforcers and military. This is because they are mostly used in rescue operations, military service, police service, and drug detection among other security operations.

Black German Shepherd Health Concerns

The usual breed-specific health issues are unavoidable when it comes to Black German Shepherds since they are purebred dogs. If you already own one or are planning to own one soon, do not be put back by this because with sufficient preventive care, proper nutrition and exercise, all these health complications can be put at bay.

The common conditions these dogs are known to have include but not limited to hip and elbow dysplasia, Degenerative spinal stenosis, Degenerative Myelopathy Von Willebrand’s disease, Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) and arthritis. If you have interacted with the normal German Shepherd, then you will notice that both types of dogs share the same health concerns.

Raising A Health Black German Shepherd

If you are currently raising one or more Black German Shepherd puppies, it would interest you to know that it is actually possible to raise a healthy pup. However, for this to be so, you will have to take your puppy for a veterinarian checkup and address any health issue you see worth the attention of the medical specialist.

Another important thing is to keep vaccinations current. Ensure you provide your dog with a healthy diet since it’s essential to its good health. When choosing the dog food, choose the brand that incorporates health and natural ingredients and offers the food in both dry and wet forms because that’s how your dog likes it.

When you provide dry food to your Black German Shepherd, they assist the dog to use its teeth by crunching and exercising the gums. Remember they require daily exercise and in return, they are usually prone to getting dirty. Grooming your dog ensures it stays clean and healthy, this can be achieved by bathing it, cutting the nails, cleaning the ears and teeth on a regular basis.

Most Common Health Condition in Black German Shepherd Dogs

Black German Shepherds are known to have around 12 years life expectancy if there are no major health issues. Hip Dysplasia is a common health concern for many dog owners. Its symptoms range from mild to severe although it may not necessarily be life-threatening. Be on the lookout and if you notice symptoms such as limping, stiffness or soreness in the hips and hind legs contact a veterinarian immediately. Thorough examinations which include radiographs and physical examinations will be conducted and if the veterinarian denies the presence of hip dysplasia, well and good. If your dog is diagnosed with the condition, there is no cause for alarm either, mostly this condition is hereditary and for a dog owner, there is nothing much you could have done to avoid it. Among the things a veterinarian can advise to manage the condition include a change in diet, massage, joint supplements, prescription pain-reliever, surgical options, hip replacement and maintaining a healthy weight.

What It Takes To Own A Black German Shepherd Dog

Before you make any arrangements to own a Black German Shepherd, it is worth noting that they come with lots of stigma, maybe due to its black coat and physical appearance in general. However, there is no need to worry because they are simply the normal German Shepherds. The major difference is noted in its black color which does not affect its temperament in any way whatsoever.

Having known that and you are still interested to own a Black German Shepherd, then go ahead and make plans bearing in mind they are very rare and this makes them very expensive. Their prices increase depending on how their hair is longer and silkier. Be on the lookout to avoid the bad breeders who may take advantage of your lack of knowledge and sell you a bad puppy maybe at a cheaper price and you only realize later that you were scammed. To avoid such messes, only consult the reputable breeders since they are qualified and have proper paperwork just for your records.

A genuine breeder with proper paperwork is able to show you the whole history of the puppy including its parents. You will also have an opportunity to go through the dog’s health history. Any legit breeder will even insist you meet your puppy’s parents simply because there is nothing to hide and they want to give you all the information you may require from them.

Things To Look Out For A Friendly Environment For A Black German Shepherd

Have you been toying around with the thought of owning a Black German Shepherd as a toy or maybe you already own one? Then this is your high time to find out if your home is habitable for such a dog in terms of a friendly and healthy environment.

You must be wondering how you can reward this amazing dog with all the beautiful things it’s doing in your life. Black German Shepherd, when provided with a suitable environment, will provide security, loyalty and even the ability to get along with every member of the house including the toddlers. Well, if you have already brought your puppy home or the plans are underway, then the first thing to consider should be a healthy environment which meets its daily normal life needs.

Just like human beings, even Black German Shepherds tend to take pride in something or somewhere they call their own, you can designate such a place with a baby gate or a large crate to give it a place to relax any time the dog feels the need. Other necessities include an outdoor room for its daily exercise, clean food and water bowls, a supportive bed and plenty of chew toys.

Although Black German Shepherd dogs are comfortable living either indoor or outdoor, you have to make arrangements to give it the attention it requires. This is because they are not comfortable when left alone by their companions for too long. Remember if you are planning to house your dog outside, then you have to provide a safe house for the dog. If you can build one yourself then that would be perfect, but if you can’t, then be ready to purchase one immediately. Ensure the house is large enough for an adult Black German Shepherd to enable your dog to stretch and turn around easily as often as it desires.

Cleaning the dog house is vital because if your dog sleeps in a dirty and wet house often, the skin will be exposed to harsh skin problems and for sure you don’t want that to happen to your adorable dog. You are also supposed to provide exercise for your dog on a daily basis. If you live in an apartment and there is not enough space for your dog to exercise, then ensure there is a park or an open land space where you will be walking with your dog to allow it to exercise and play. You can also place your dog in a doggy daycare while you are at work and this will provide a great form of exercise to your pet.

What Sort Of Relationship Does Black German Have With Children?

If you love pets but now that you are a parent you are worried how your pet will interact with your children, end your worries right away because if you expose your children to your Black German Shepherd under your supervision, within no time, you will realize that they become best friends, playmates, a babysitter and a protector at the same time.

Even though Black German Shepherd dogs are very gentle when they are around children, it may accidentally bump into your children by mistake and this can be scary to your children. When it wags its tail out of happiness, although it’s very rare, it can as well accidentally tap your children.

Black German Shepherds also get along well with other pets such as cats and other dogs if they are living in the same environment. However, it would be good to introduce it to the other pets slowly and in your presence until they fully get familiarized with each other.

Black German Shepherd Personality

Ideally, a Black German Shepherd dog is always calm and non-aggressive. However, in case of any changes such as a strange scent in the air, unusual bung in the door or window or maybe a more louder knock on the door can completely change it to a scary snarling dog ready to attack. All this is because they are bred to be watchdogs and most of the times they are trained for the same with an addition of protecting its companion in case of any danger.

Most of the time, Black German Shepherds take time to mix around and make friends even with strangers and due to their altitude, it’s not hard for them to interact with people. They may be a little bit more reserved with strangers but when it comes to their owners and family, they are very friendly and approachable. They make very good watchdogs, however, a decent amount of time and attention with their families is very essential to their lives.

Black German Shepherd dogs are not basically hostile, but they maintain a certain level of aloofness. All this is because they feel a certain sense of superiority and bravery and this can clearly be seen during a confrontation with an enemy. These dogs rarely bark away or slouch behind their masters but when they make occasional demands they are extremely alert and eager. These characteristics make Black German Shepherds an excellent companion whichever the circumstances.

The Best Way To Socialize Your Black German Shepherd

It is important to socialize your dog early in its life. This enables your dog to get used to a variety of different people, experiences, new places and sounds. It will also learn how to react in these different situations and these are traits it will carry throughout its life. The first thing you do when you bring your dog home is to introduce it to the family and friends and any other person who frequent your home often.

Taking your dog for walks is essential for his health as mentioned earlier. When you plan for such walks whether in your neighborhood or a nearby park for the first time it is recommended to do it with caution so that your dog can slowly but surely adapt to the new environment. You can even take your dog to just watch as other dogs play in the park and then the next time you can allow it to mingle and play with other dogs.

If you have adopted an older Black German Shepherd, then socialize your dog slowly just in case its experience with people may not have been good. You can start with your family members and see how it goes before inviting your guests one by one.

The History Of German Shepherds

The origin of German Shepherds including the Black German Shepherds can be traced back in Germany in the late 19th century. They evolved from herding dogs and were mostly used to protect and look after the sheep. They proved to be useful to the herders and over time, they become more popular and are now mostly used for security matters.

Black German Shepherd arrived in Australia l sometimes between 1923-1929. During that era, the breed was considered as a tad too vicious but with time, all this changed and now its popularity has continued to rise drastically. Currently, the black german shepherds are estimated to be about 300 in Australia.

Bottom Line

Now that you are aware of the genetic characteristics of a Black German Shepherd, it’s your responsibility to take good care of it by meeting its needs such as good grooming, care needs, health needs among other needs to give it a meaningful life and in return, it will be your best companion.

If you are in the process of owning a Black German Shepherd, then this guide is enough to ensure the new puppy or even an adult becomes a full member of your home within no time. The black color could be intimidating to some people, but if you give it the proper training and all the love, this dog will amazingly become your best friend and companion within the shortest time possible.

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