4 genius ways to kill time with DIY in the home

Life around the house can become a bit boring on the weekends. You want to relax, but, relaxing all day can make you feel lazy. In an ideal world, you have a long week to work for others, and then do something productive with your weekend.

Bearing that in mind, I started to think about some genius ways you could kill time in the home. After some serious thought, I realized DIY projects were the best solution. So, here are four DIY projects that will kill time in the home:

Construct A Shed For Your Garden

Have you ever looked out into your garden and felt like it was missing something? Or, you’ve noticed all the clutter around your house and wished you had more space? Are you bored on the weekend with nothing to do? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then I have the ideal solution for you. Get out into your garden and start constructing a garden shed. It’s one of the oldest DIY projects out there, people have been doing this for centuries. It’s a fantastic way to kill time and make your weekend more productive.

The great thing about this project is that it will take more than just one weekend to complete. Unless you’re superhuman and work for the full two days straight. This means it’s the ultimate time killer and will keep you occupied for a good couple of weekends. Plus, there’s the added benefit that you’re bringing more storage space to your home. You can store lots of things in this shed, or it can be a place for you to partake in more DIY projects!

You’ve got two options when building a shed. First, you can go proper old school. I’m talking about getting all the materials yourself, and then drawing up plans and building a shed of your own design. Or, you can buy a shed that’s disassembled and then build it following the instructions. It’s still DIY, you’re just making life a bit easier for yourself.

Assemble Some Household Furniture

Assembling household furniture is a classic DIY task when you have nothing to do. Get yourself down to stores like IKEA and buy some flat packed furniture. Now, you’re ready to spend hours reassembling it, and making your home look pretty. You can choose from any type of furniture you want, as long as it has a place in your home. If you’re happy with your dining room furniture, don’t go out and buy more just for the sake of a DIY project! I often find that desks and drawers are great things to buy and assemble. They take a lot of time and are useful in many homes.

In fact, here’s an idea that just came to me now! If you built a garden shed, you might need some furniture to go inside it! What about a table to carry out more DIY work? And a chair to sit on while you’re inside there. Or some outdoor furniture. Or who knows, you may convert that shed into an office. In which case, you’ll need to get some office furniture and assemble that too.

Also, if you have kids that are in college, they may need some extra furniture for their room. So, this makes for the perfect weekend DIY project. Visit your kid in college and get assembling some furniture for their room. You’ll be amazed at how much time you can kill doing this.

Install A DIY Security System

Yes, believe it or not, you can actually install a DIY security system in your home. This is a great way to pass the time, and your home sees benefits too. You might have heard of security companies like SimpliSafe on the radio or seen adverts on TV. Companies like these produce security systems that you can setup on your own. These security systems tend to be easy for anyone to get set up and sorted. They represent an alternative to the norm of getting a company down to deal with all the installation.

You have loads of things you can get sorted and connected to one another. From the control panel to motion sensors in every room. It’s a real DIY project to tackle on the weekend. I find that with anything involving wires and connectivity, you get a real sense of accomplishment from completing the task. It’s like setting up your broadband and getting the router connected to everything. Except, with a DIY security system, it’s even more satisfying when everything is up and running.

As a bonus, all of your hard work is for a great reason. You’ve made your home more safe and secure by installing this new system. So, you can feel more relaxed and comfortable in your family home from now on.

Take Part In Some Classic DIY Crafts

Sometimes, you have to wind back the clock and go back to your younger days. As a kid, we always used to take part in DIY crafting sessions. We’d make cards for our parents, and special gifts too. Well, why don’t you kill some time crafting? You can create loads of custom Easter or Christmas cards to send out to close relatives and friends. Or, get started on some quirky stocking fillers for the kids. It’s a genius idea, and perfect for anyone that’s bored on the weekends, especially during the festive season. The best thing is, you don’t need many materials or equipment to do this. Plus, there are loads of tutorials and ideas online for DIY crafting. It’s an easy project to undertake, and you get some benefits too. It’s rewarding when you make your own gifts/cards, etc. And, it’s cool giving people things you made and seeing their reactions!

Now, your weekends will be more productive than ever before! You can still relax and make the most of your time off work, don’t worry. But, if you’re ever feeling bored, then pick up one of these DIY projects to make life more interesting.

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