Y Tho

Hi everybody, let’s share a new story today. Y Tho? Just like other terms which got their popularity due to the massive increase of the internet penetration, Y Tho has also a long history around the world wide web.

Well, getting to the point, “Y tho” is a term used regularly these days as an abbreviation of “Why, though?” When to use it? When you feel like, of course. As a joke to see people’s wide open eyes staring at you. Or as a way to interrupt somebody’s monologue. He or she will stop in surprise and will take some time and breaths to regroup and think of an answer for you. Don’t exaggerate using it, it will put you in a bad light, like one who can’t understand what’s being said or done. Used wisely, you’ll look smart and trendy.

UrbanDictionany.com advices on this matter: For people not to confuse “y tho” with “why, though”, squint your eyes while protruding your neck and calmly, in a small voice say “y tho?”.

Cool, isn’t it?

Well, trolling isn’t nice so take care who you’re whispering this. It may really be a senseless action or discussion you’re witnessing but please consider each of us have our ego so don’t push the limit.

Y tho meme

How did Y Tho become associated with the pope? The term was used to create the well known y tho meme using a painting of Fernando Botero depicting Pope Leon X. The y tho meme was uploaded on Imgur on December 2014.

Now, about the painting, it was made in 1964, while Botero was still experimenting with what was soon to become his signature style. Called boterismo, this style is characterized by highly stylized volumetric figures and objects, the flatness of surface and simplification of the color palette. The style he uses in this painting could be easily characterized as naive or primitive on the basis of artistic manner, but in fact, the concept of his artworks is more postmodern then naive. The artist being ironic and using this form of simplicity later seen in caricatures. Oversized, oversimplified in form, grotesque in his size, in quite monochrome colors, that’s not the kind of painting one wished from a painter.

Nowadays anybody can use this image to create their own memes as the copyright expired and it can be used on the basis of fair use. For example Amazon.com sells a Y Tho T-shirt.

And this y tho meme was only the beginning. The internet was flooded with similar memes.

y tho meme   y tho meme   y tho meme

y tho meme   y tho meme   y tho meme

Y Tho?

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