Work with me

Thank you for your interest in working with me. The possibilities are countless and they mainly depend on your objectives: getting visitors to your website, leads for your business, SEO beenfits like helping improving your website’s domain authority and link profile and improving your rankings on search engines.

I enjoy working with brands who love blogging and social media. Working together on a campaign that incorporates blog posts and social media updates provides really great reach and gets more people exposed to your company.

Here’s an idea of what we can do together. But I’d love you to get in touch to create a bespoke plan that suits your budget and objectives.

  • Sponsored post – If your business aligns with my readers, I am happy to run sponsored posts. All articles are promoted in my social media outlets.
  • Guest post – A similar situation, I sometimes accept guest posts if they prove honest, well written and resourceful. (Guidelines here)
  • Press trip – Invite me to experience your business and share it with my audience through articles and social media.
  • Brand ambassador – Through a brand ambassadorship, I will promote your brand through a long-term partnership.
  • Content creation – If you like the articles on my blog, you can hire me to create professional content for your company blog or social media channels.

Don’t hesitate contacting me to discuss the opportunity of a business together, you can reach me at:
contact [at] mikemyers [dot]

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