Public speaking courses in London

We help emerging leaders who want to super-charge their career through the power of public speaking. We’re shaking things up in the public speaking world in London with a course that is fun, interactive and effective designed for people who want to dump the fear and be themselves. We design and deliver tailored Public Speaking Course using communication techniques developed by actors so that your team members will overcome nerves and habits to become confident, memorable speakers.

Being able to communicate clearly is an indispensable skill in any industry or walk of life. This public speaking online training course will help you conquer your fear, polish your presentation and impress your peers! In this practical and enjoyable Ginger Public Speaking Course your team will work alongside an experienced actor and business coach. They will learn the art of preparing and delivering a speech, understanding how to structure engaging content as well as warming up the voice and body to support the delivery of their message. Your team will build greater confidence to speak with personality and clarity.

These are some topics that a good public speaking course might cover:

  • Oratories: These are traditional speeches given in front of an audience, usually from a podium or stage.
  • Presentations: These speeches may include a demonstration or visual aids in order to instruct or make a point about some topic.
  • Interviews: Most people would benefit form a chance to improve their interviewing skills.
  • Debate: Can you argue your point of view in a meeting or organization? Getting some tips and practice should help you.

You don’t need any specific experience or skills to join this training course. To get the most from it we do ask people to prepare some notes on how they have prepared for and given speeches in the past. We also ask them to bring along a very short section of a speech that they have given previously to use when practicing.

Saying what you need to say, when you need to say it, is crucial to success in the business world. Good communication is the foundation of solid collaboration, creativity, growth and resolution of issues. People do not thrive if they do not communicate effectively. A business will not thrive if it’s people do not communicate effectively.

You may prefer small-group coaching sessions either as one-offs or a series, so you can work with colleagues to address specific issues or projects. The key aims of the workshop are to help you:

  • strengthen your core confidence
  • develop your presence
  • find a more natural voice
  • connect more authentically with your listeners
  • communicate your message more effectively
  • make your contribution and inspire people

The groups are made up of a wonderful mixture of people from different backgrounds, different confidence levels, and different levels of speaking experience.

We have developed a number of presentation programmers for sales teams particularly in the Construction Industry, where it’s common practice to deliver a presentation as part of a team that has yet to work together. We help you in advance, looking at delivery and content of your pitch at the same time as pinpointing your ‘story’. Prior to the date of your presentation, our team will return to further refine delivery, exponentially increasing your chances of success.

Many people in your work and social circles admire entertaining speakers but few try to become one. Some really don’t want to be popular or admired – we all know people like that! But most are too terrified to try or don’t know how to make the changes. And it is important pitch it correctly, to get the level of entertainment “right” for every occasion (we have all squirmed at the inappropriate joke-teller) and to be thoroughly professional at it. What you need is an authoritative, comprehensive, practical, supportive and sympathetic package.

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