Things to do in Los Angeles with teens

Vacations to Los Angeles are exciting as the city is a desired destination for people of all ages. More so if you have the entire family with you. For all good reasons, it allows you to keep yourselves entertained, find attractions, and bring the spark back to your relationships. For teenagers, it allows them to immerse themselves in adventures and exciting activities that will keep them wanting for more.

So if you’re thinking of taking a family trip to LA, read on to find out about some exciting things that you can do with teens, but most notably, the entire family.

Adventurous Things to do in Los Angeles

1. Explore the Movie studios

The city of Los Angeles is home to the famous Hollywood. Treat your teens to Hollywood life by visiting the site. There you will find some of the most famous movie studios in the United States. For a unique experience, the studios give free tours of the facility. Some of the studios include Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, Warner Bros, and so much more.

2. Visit The Zoo or Aquarium

Teens with a particular interest in animals and sea life will savor a visit to the zoo or aquarium. The Santa Monica pier Aquarium, for example, is strategically located in a neighbourhood that lets you explore outdoor life. Bring your teens closer to the vast arrays of aquatic creatures or the furry life of land animals by visiting the zoo or aquarium. Plus, some of the sites also feature botanical gardens with more than 7000 plant species.

3. Visit the Theme Park

A visit to one of the many theme parks in LA is guaranteed to bring the fun out of your kids. The parks feature rides, entertainment, and thrills. Some popular parks in LA include the Runyon Canyon Park, Grand Park, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knott’s Berry Farm, etc.

4. Take Surfing Lessons On the Beach

The southern California beach is an excellent place to learn how to surf. Instead of watch people do it, pay and let the professionals teach your kids how to surf.

Fun Restaurants for Kids

1. Lincoln

The Lincoln café is a great place to share a meal, shop for treasures, and relax. The café offers excellent meal options that range from cakes, side dishes, salads, and everything yummy.

2. Petit Trois

Petit Trois offers beverages, spirits, wine, brunch, and other mouthwatering delicacies.

3. Elena’s Greek Armenian Cuisine

The family-owned restaurant located in the heart of Greendale lets you have a taste of meal with a blend of Armenian and traditional Greek cuisine.

4. Diddy Riese Cookies

The cookies served at Diddy Riese offers delicious freshly made cookies, chips, and ice-cream. Besides delicious cookies, the restaurant has a classic feel to it.

5. n/Naka

The n/Naka is a Japanese sushi restaurant with excellent food and service. Rated as one of the best in Los Angeles, the place perfects the art of sushi and sake.

Teen clubs in Los Angeles

1. Exchange LA

The visuals and sounds at the exchange are one of the best in LA. The club is located in downtown LA, a mile from the LA convention centre and staples centre. There are six service bars, a 200 square foot LED screen display, and 1.25 million bulbs to make your visit enjoyable.

2. Avalon Hollywood

Avalon Hollywood offers excellent ambience and a beautiful environment. Smog machines, light displays, and pleasant sound add to the experience at the club.

3. Florentine Gardens

The Florentine gardens are safe as a security scanner prevents bringing weed or smoke inside. The venue is big, with lots of different rooms and bathrooms. The restaurant offers a buffet. Think of it as taking your kids to a high school homecoming dance.

4. Echoplex

The Echoplex venue is connected down the stairs to the Echo. The place entertains excellent bands and up and coming actors from the World. The events at the club are available for people of all ages.

Nice View In Los Angeles

1. Runyon Canyon Park

The Runyon Canyon Park is easy to access, and its highest point gives you an expansive view that stretches in all directions.

2. Hollywood Hills

The Hollywood Hills is one of the most scenic and affluent landmarks in LA. A visit to the site is an excellent way to feel the heartbeat of the city.

3. Beverly Hills

The Beverly hills genuinely live up to its name with a stunning and beautiful neighbourhood.

How to Visit Los Angeles Without a Visa?

The best way to visit LA without a visa is to apply for the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). The ESTA is granted to citizens of countries under the visa waiver program. Administered by the DHS, ESTA USA lets you travel to any state in the United States for business or tourism. However, the visit cannot exceed 90 days. If you intend to stay for longer, then you should apply for a visa. To apply, you have to complete an ESTA application. The agency will notify you of your eligibility to travel via an email. However, you can check ESTA status to monitor the status of your application.


Follow the sun into L.A. and enjoy the sunny weather, city food, and a nice view with the palms in the background. The city boasts of varieties of malls and playground to suit your style and budget; a good place to take your teens for an adventure.

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