Window air conditioning installation

In a house, window air conditioner units are simple and reliable to install for cooling a room. It also helps in avoiding expensive central air conditioning system. But it is very important to install the air conditioning system according to the instructions, as the DIY techniques don’t always help, and you might need professionals to carry on the installation and fixing.

Following are the basic steps for window air conditioning installation:

Step 1 – Measuring the Size of the Room

Window air conditioning units are available in various cooling capacities and sizes. It is essential to select one that satisfies all requirements of the room. One can say that there is a formula for determining it. The size of the room is the first part to be used in the formula.

If the opening of the room is connected to additional areas like an open doorway or an arch, then it is necessary to include these areas in the square foot count.

Other factors must also be considered in addition to the square footage. For example, the room’s climate must be taken into consideration. If the room is on a shaded side, then the BTU rating can be decreased by 10 percent. On the other hand, if the room is on the sunny side, the same must increased by 10 percent.

The size of the window where the air conditioner is to be installed must also be kept in mind. Although maximum units are to be fitted in double hung windows, there are certain models that are designed for fitting into casement windows too. Along with this, the line of exhaust gas outlet must also be considered before you start doing the installation.

Step 2 – Considering Energy Efficiency

The rating of air conditioners is done according to energy efficiency. The EER or energy efficiency rating ranges from eight to twelve. If a unit has the rating of ten or higher, then it is ideal to save electricity, thereby effectively lowering the electricity bill. More efficient units are more costly. These units provide sleep settings, variable fan speeds and digital temperature controls which help in conserving power.

Step 3 – Installation

Installation of an air conditioner in a double hung window is simple. Assembling of the window extension of the unit may be needed. There are other models that use special brackets for attaching the unit to the window.

If this is the case, these brackets must be placed first. The owner manual must be consulted continuously. Although different units require nearly same installation, there are certain variations between the designs of the air conditioners.

While one installs an AC unit, a helper is always needed. Now, the lower pane should be raised. The unit is placed on the windowsill by the helper at the same time. The extension of the unit is then sealed for filling up the empty space of the window.

After this, the unit needs to be levelled according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Maximum models of air conditioners must be tipped slightly to the outside for draining out condensation. However, some designs may not tilt and fit the facw’ of the window.

The window pane must then be lowered onto the unit for locking it into place. After this, the extensions must be secured to the window jamb. Finally, the unit must be sealed.

It is important to note that air filters must be cleaned regularly and condensed water must be drained when the air conditioner unit is not used for a long period of time. Although many types of air conditioners are available in the market, the window air conditioner is still popular among people.

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