Why Twitter is the best social media site

Social media has come strides in the last 10 or so years. Remember the days of Myspace? Of course you do. You know how people are still trying to convince you that Myspace is still a thing? Of course you do. Funny. Social sites sure do go through trends.

One moment it’s cool to do the whole Myspace thing, then Facebook comes and takes over the world. But not for long. Many argue that Facebook, too is on the out. You know what’s on the in? Instagram. Snapchat. Twitter. In fact, though each site has it’s own value for different things, Twitter is arguable the best in the modern world. Here’s the reason why.

It Forces You to Be Succinct

Everyone knows that the biggest social media sites out there get plain annoying because people are allowed to write updates and statues that are like a telenovela. For those who don’t know what a telenovela is, it’s a spanish/portuguese soap opera style in which the most ridiculous scenarios get played out for the world to see in absolutely over the top form.

Updates every five minutes about the woes of life are not what people want to see. Twitter only allows a person to post a limited number of characters. It forces a person to say what they really want to say in little words. It teaches the world that a lot can be said with little room for embellishment.

It Breeds Creativity

In the same way Twitter forces people to say what they really want to say in a few words, it also forces people to be creative if that is a challenge for them. Hence the pictures and videos-which portray a thousand words with no technical characters. Not only this, the use of emojis has become so popular that people can be creative with their updates by using faces and caricatures to say a million things. Even hashtags can be used to write a story or support a movement, as what has been seen in many Twitter campaigns.

It Puts Power in the Hands of the People

You as an individual can use Twitter in whatever way you want. If you want to tell the world what you do, why you do it, and who you hope to be, you can. The power is officially put in the hands of the people. If they like you, they’ll follow you, favorite you, and retweet you.

Other social media sites are orchestrated entirely by those who run them. Facebook has a cap on friends, and Instagram makes it hard to directly communicate with others. Twitter incorporates the best of every social media platform out there and allows people to choose for themselves what they do on the site. It’s instant. It cuts past the fluff. It’s everything people want in Social Media.

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