What flies do to your food

The main reason why most people hate flies is probably because of the buzzing sound they make as they desperately attempt to fly into your face. It’s true that there is nothing more annoying than the buzzing sound of a fly. But what most people fail to realize is the so-called annoying “buzzing sound” is the last thing on the list of things you should worry about. There is nothing more dangerous than a fly perching on your food.

When a fly perch on food one of two things or both happen on your food without you knowing.

It will regurgitate on your food; how rude it is for a fly to perch on your food and the first thing it chooses to do is to barf on your food. The thought of this is extremely disgusting. The reason being that flies don’t have “a mouth” as we know it. Therefore, most of their digestion is done externally.

Furthermore, when a fly finds something it deems eatable; if it is in a solid state, in other to feed, it will have to vomit on the food so it will turn the food which is in a solid state to liquid state which it can conveniently suck into its own unique mouth. Its vomit has an enzyme that helps it start the digestion process. Just for the sake of closure, this process doesn’t take as long as you think.

It passes germs to your food; through various study, flies have been discovered to carry nearly 600 diseases (it’s a good thing that a large number of them are not lethal). A fly on its own, doesn’t cause any disease. But in its journey to find food, it goes to places like dumpsters, sewers, toilet, etc… through its quest to find food, it picks up different bacteria. Many pathogens that are known to cause deadly diseases like typhoid fever, dysentery, cholera, yaws, tuberculosis, etc.… are mostly transferred by flies. A few of these diseases are extremely lethal; in other words, they can kill their victim. The good news is, you can prevent them from harming your loved ones, especially when you notice they are too much to handle. Get a professional pest control operator near or around Charlotte to inspect your home, and give the solution best suited for your home. Secondly, it is advisable to get a professional for your pest control needs to avoid using the wrong insecticide in your home which can harm you or members of your home, especially when you have kids around.

In addition, flies are annoying, especially when you have visitors around; it doesn’t tell well on the homeowner or tenants. The sad reality is most times we don’t even know when they perch on our food, we cannot keep an eye on our foods every second. It could be in that split second when you turned to pick something up, or maybe even when you turned to stop another fly from perching on your food. You can never really tell.

Enough with bad news!!! what do I do about the perching….

There is only one way to stop flies from perching on your food, and it is by keeping good hygiene. Your mom was right after all when she forced you to rinse your plate before using it or the day she instructed you to put a covering over your food as you were about leaving it to do something else. By doing these things, you have saved yourself a great deal without even knowing. Keeping good hygiene also mean getting rid of anything that attracts flies.

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