Top 5 wedding expenses that can eat up your budget

Some people plan their wedding with a set budget in mind. Others buy what they want until the money runs out. Most of us don’t have enough money for a ‘dream’ wedding, so we have to prioritize where the money will be spent. That’s easier said than done. After all, we are each unique, and we all have different ideas about what is most important when it comes to our big day. Here are the top five expenses for a wedding day, so you can choose which are the most important to you:

The Dress

This one is the most important for many brides. Hiring a gown can cost a lot of money, but buying your dress outright can cost thousands. If you have a particular designer in mind, or you want something special made to order, the costs can be mind-blowing. For one day, the cost of the dress may seem excessive, but the photos of you wearing it will last a lifetime.

The Venue

A reception venue could be something cheap and basic like the local pub. Or it could be an exclusive country club function room. Most brides will agree that how it looks is more important than its geographical location. Hiring a venue dresser can ensure your day is as beautiful as possible. Covering the chairs, decorating the tables, and putting up all the fairy lights and garlands is too much for a busy couple to do on their own. If you prefer a sit-down meal to a buffet, your costs will easily double, depending on the number of guests.

The Invitations

Wedding stationery can be so elegant that you will want to keep one of the invites in your wedding album. However, it can also be remarkably expensive. If you are adding little touches like blossom petals or silver plating, each card can be into double figures to buy. You might want to allocate some of the money to other parts of your wedding by managing your own invitations. This saves a great deal on the printing costs alone, but will cost you in time to organise.

The Flowers

Fresh bouquets for the wedding are just the start of what you will need. You will also require centrepieces, garlands, buttonholes and hat dressings for the mothers. This can add up to a lot of money. Some brides prepare bouquets made of silk flowers to reduce the cost and extend the life of the blooms. However, you could be missing out on a florist’s professional touch and knowledge.

Wedding Car

If your friend has a great car you admire, he or she could definitely donate it for the day as a wedding gift. The bride’s arrival is never seen because everyone is already inside waiting for her. With that in mind, an expensive limo may be overkill if your ceremony and reception are at the same venue. Buy some ribbon lengths and enjoy your friend playing chauffeur for the day!

Many couples wish they had more money to cover all the lovely little touches that make up a beautiful day. It is just one day though, and you will have the rest of your lives together as a married couple. That’s what makes it perfect!

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