Top tips to avoid road accidents

Road accidents are terrible news. People lose their lives every day, others lose their kin while others are left with permanent disabilities just because of road accidents. It is so sad to see cases of road accidents in almost all media channels every day.

Nobody plans or imagines getting a car accident but because they do happen anyway, taking precaution is paramount. You need to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Fortunately, there are safety moves you can make and avoid road accidents. Below are super helpful tips and methods you can use while on the road and prevent an accident.

1. Be careful with blind spots

Your rear-view and side-view mirrors are there to show you certain specific angles. But as a good driver, it is important to note that there are some blind spots that those mirrors won’t show you. Thus, it’s upon you to glance over your shoulder and ensure you have a clear view of those blind spots without missing anything. Also, don’t assume the other drivers on the road are as careful as you are. Beware of their blind spots too because being aware of these blind spots is the best way to avoid an accident.

2. Be sober while driving

Nobody said you shouldn’t party or enjoy your alcoholic drinks. However, driving when you are under the influence is like signing for a death sentence. Driving requires you to be alert every second and a lot of decisions need to be made within a short time. One wrong move and you will be in a ditch if not a head-on collision with an oncoming vehicle. These are things you can protect yourself from if only you stay off the road or take a taxi home after a night of drinking. You can also ask a friend or a family member to pick you up.

3. Avoid over speeding

Never be tempted to think you are racing with other cars and end up driving beyond the speed limit. Not unless you don’t mind getting a car accident. Even if it’s an emergency, you will still reach your destination without breaking speed limits. Its better you arrive late than never arrive at all because you were involved in a greasy road accident.

Please, note that all speed limits are set depending on the condition of that road. When you over speed, you pose danger to all road users including pedestrians. Don’t forget to check other speedy cars too. They could be the one to ruin your journey if you are not careful. Furthermore, in bad weather, you should consider driving below the speed limit. It will be easier for you to navigate the road and in case of an emergency, you will have enough time to make the right decision.

4. Don’t tailgate the car in front

When you tailgate the car in front, you risk a rear-end collision tough enough to be fatal. Of course, you don’t know what is happening to the driver in front of you. If something came up and the driver suddenly hit the break so quickly you didn’t have time to respond, the next thing will be an accident. An accident you could have avoided if only you kept the right amount of distance between your car and the one in front of you.

5. Avoid driving when tired

It’s better to rest and only hit the road when you are fresh and energetic. Fatigue can reduce your concentration thus increase the possibility of a car accident. If you are tired, take time to rest before getting behind the wheel. Even a 30-minute power nap can be a lifesaver. If you have someone else who can drive, allow them to drive on your behalf. It’s crucial for you, other occupants in that vehicle and everyone else on the road.

6. Don’t use your cell phone

Talking on the phone while you are driving can be extremely distracting. Even when you are using a hands-free model, the conversation you will be having with the other person can distract you from your driving. Remember you have to concentrate on the road all the time. That person calling you cares for you and they can’t imagine losing you through a road accident. Therefore, don’t assume you have to take their call to avoid offending them. When you arrive at your destination safely, you will have enough time to return all those calls. So, put that phone away whenever you are driving. You can even switch it off to avoid being tempted to answer the calls in case it rings. If you must make a call, then pullover, park the car at a safe distance and make your calls.

7. Seat the kids properly

If you are going to drive in the company of kids, make sure they are properly tucked in their child seats and they are using safety belts appropriately. Also, keep them occupied with things such as toys and games to ensure they are calm during the trip. Children like to move around, climb or even fight with their other siblings and such things can be very distracting. If they happen to pull your attention from your driving, that can turn out to be potentially dangerous.

8. Avoid driving at night

People drive at night for many reasons. However, if it’s not an emergency, then consider waiting until daytime. Even if you have great eyesight, remember you are not the only road user. The visibility of other road users counts too. Also, it’s during nighttime you will be likely to come across a drunk driver. Just avoid driving at night and if you must, be extra conscious.

Be safe when you hit the road

When you know what to do or what’s expected from you as a driver, you can easily prevent a car accident. Whenever you are behind the wheel, know that you have a responsibility to protect your life and that of others too. A little negligence or ignorance can lead to the loss of someone’s life. From now on, decide to avoid road accidents and protect lives.

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