Top questions to prepare for college interview

College admission is not a simple and fast task as it takes a lot of time as well as stress. The interview is also an important part if you are thinking to get admitted in a college or university. We have listed some very common questions that can be asked at the time of interview.

Introduce yourself

Most important as well as commonly asked question in college interview is about you. They ask you for your introduction. Here, there aim is not to get an idea about your qualification and bio because they want to check your level of confidence. Majority of students get nervous when this question is asked and they lose their confidence. So you need to be prepared for this question. Make sure to tell about yourself and your qualification in a very simple and calm way.

Why did you choose this college?

The next important question that can be asked at college interview is about your selection of this very college. They can even ask you about your favorite course as well. Here you can make them sure by saying that this very college and program is best suitable for your future needs. You can also say that you consider this college as the best in your area as it leaves a positive impression about your views on their college.

Are suitable for this college?

Keep one thing in mind that each and every college is looking forward for those students who can give their best to the college by contributing positively. Here, you are not supposed to start telling them about the list of your qualities. You need to tell and convince them that you can easily uphold the heritage of that college.

Why should we pick you?

You will probably be asked why that particular college should consider you. The majority of students mess up here by showing lack of knowledge and confidence. You need to convince them that the program you have selected is perfect for you. Tell them that you were a prominent student in your previous school, if you were.

What are your strengths

If they ask for your positive points or your strengths then let them know in detail that you can achieve excellence in the selected program with your hard work and dedication. Also mention your interest in extracurricular activities in order to convince them. Make sure to avoid show off as well as cocky questions because it can lead to negative impression.

Your negative points or weaknesses

Same is the case with negative points as they can also ask you about your weaknesses. You need to be honest in this regard. Tell them if you are weak in any area because honesty makes a more prominent and positive impact rather than show off and lies. This question can be a little tricky because sometimes speaking about weakness can go against you. You must not tell them the weakness which you think can ruin your admission chances completely.

Who is your role model?

Tell them about you ideal personality if they ask. Your ideal personality does not need to be of high rank. It can be your fellow, friend, parents, teacher etc.

Your experience in previous school?

This question is the reason behind majority of students’ admission rejection. It is so because if a student previously had a bad school experience then he or she starts having a disrespectful behavior and discussion about that school, and this leaves a very negative impression. Make sure to answer this question calmly as well as wisely.

Your hobbies

Tell them about your hobbies or what you use to do during your free time. Don’t tell them that you don’t have any hobby or interest except studies as colleges need those students who are active in all aspects.
So these are some very important questions that can be asked at college interview. You need to be well prepared for all of these questions in order to maintain a good confidence level at the time of the interview.

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