3 easy to follow tips to reduce energy usage in your home

It’s no surprise that the price for electricity usage is increasing all over the country, leaving families to worry about how they will be able to keep up with heating and cooling their homes during seasonal changes. While there isn’t much that you can do when it comes to the price of electricity, there are many things which you can do to control the amount you use. Below are three great ways you can easily reduce the energy usage in your home.

Turn It off – Right Off

Did you know that your favorite electrical items such as your television, microwave and even your video game consoles can consume as much as 30% of their full energy use when left on ‘standby’? This is because when you turn these items off via their remote, parts of their systems are remaining on waiting for you to bring them back to life. The best way to eliminate this unnecessary usage is by switching these items off at the socket. While it may take a few seconds longer to turn them back on when you need them, the money you can save is astonishing.

Manage Your Heating/Cooling

Keeping the climate in your home at a comfortable temperature is often the most energy consuming process throughout your home – but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of turning on a power hungry air-conditioner, switch to pedestal fans which circulate the air throughout your home. This can create an artificial breeze and works to cool your home. Another great idea is to use curtains. Instead of bare windows pick out some bright and heavy curtains. The thickness will work to prevent heat from the sun entering your home while the bright color will work to keep your home looking bright while they are closed during peak times of the day.

Another extraordinary thought is to utilize shades, blinds or window shutters. Rather than uncovered windows. The thickness will work to keep heat from the sun entering your home while the splendid shading will work to keep your home looking brilliant while they are shut amid top times of the day. Instead of turning on a power hungry ventilation system, switch to platform fans which circle the air all through your home. This can make a fake breeze and attempts to cool your home.

Combine Your Loads

The age-old method of splitting your laundry is just that, age-old, and following this process can use energy unnecessarily. While you will still want to split your white and your colors, combine your bed sheets, towels and clothes into the same washing load. Of course, if you are also using a clothes dryer then this is going to increase your energy usage dramatically. If possible, hang your bedding and towels outside on a clothes dryer and dry only delicate items inside.

Using less energy around the home isn’t a difficult task, you just need to know where to look. Along with these great tips, search the internet for more ideas and watch your quarterly energy bills plummet.

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