Tips for quality time at work

More and more companies invest in the comfort at work for their employees and I’m talking about employees working in an office environment, as there’s not so much to do for the ones performing their tasks outside, possibly in the wind, rain or any other kind of bad weather. Unlike them, a person working in an office will anyway enjoy more comfort. However, as with any type of work, there are all sorts of shortcomings, wrist pains, back pain, background disturbing noise, and problems with moving some pieces of furniture.

Here are a few things you should have with you at work, they will definitely contribute to a better time in the office and why not, to increased productivity.

A Thermos

Most of them can be found and shop in a staggering variety of prices and dimensions, from the smallest to the largest. We all know the most beautiful morning starts with a cup of coffee. But if you prefer to enjoy it for several hours, a thermos would be an effective solution to have your best coffee at hand. Not only it will keep your favourite drink at its original temperature, but at the same time it will retain its well-known flavour, whether it’s simple or with milk.


When it comes to working with all sorts of working tools and computers, there is often an increased exposure to all sorts of bacteria and microbes. Over time, immunity can suffer from these habits and even develop diseases. A disinfectant solution can prevent these manifestations. I use to clean my desk and keyboard and mouse every Monday.

An External Battery (PowerBank)

Of course you have some power outlets in the office but you never know when it will happen to have them all taken. I don’t say it will happen all the time but if you have such a battery in hand for unforeseen circumstances, you will congratulate yourself. You can keep it in the office at you can take it with you to take benefit of the power reserve whenever you need it, for example while going out in town after work.

Headphones With Noise Isolation

For those who love listening to music and think this can help them to focus better, headphones are the perfect solution, especially if some of their colleagues seem to be too laughable. Some employees seem to be more productive when soundproofed by the rest of the people around. So you can give it a try.
These suggestions (especially the noise isolating headphones) are not meant to immerse you in a parallel universe. You still have to do your job, but, in my opinion, more energized, safer and undisturbed. I think they fit the needs and expectations of those working in a closed environment in front of a computer, increasing the much-needed comfort in working in an office.
If you have more suggestions, feel free to add them in the comments, I’d be more than happy to try them.

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