Tips for keeping a healthy weight in the midst of life circumstances

There are a lot of reasons why people put on weight. Sometimes it’s a lifestyle that is rooted in addiction to certain kinds of foods and behaviors, and sometimes it has to do with stress, challenging life situations, or even joyful times in life when the wine is flowing and the food is being passed around in large quantities to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company.

Food has been a staple of life, forever. You need it to survive, but it’s also the choice way to come together with others and enjoy their company. Feasts have been prepared as celebration and ways to commune for centuries. Why is it that food has just recently become more of an enemy than an ally?

What is truly healthy for a body in regards to weight. It’s hard to know. At least everyone can agree that too much of a good thing, is too much of a good thing. In this case, too much food that is rich in calories and saturated fats are problematic to the body in many ways.

If you’re trying to keep a healthy weight in the midst of life’s circumstances, here are some things you can try doing:

Avoid Processed Foods

Have you ever wondered why America boasts high obesity rates while other countries that have cultures practically based around the dinner table have a much lower rate? The reason for this can be prominently linked to processed foods. America is queen of fast food.

When things that were natural for the body to digest get molecularly changed and stuffed with preservatives, sugars, fats, and chemicals, it screws with the body. The processed foods are stripped of nutrition so they’re essentially empty calories that don’t satisfy your body. Soon after indulging in 500 calories of snack foods, you’re hungry again and reaching for more.

Be Aware of Triggers

If you’re really serious about getting yourself to a healthy weight, you’re going to have to give yourself the same kind of boundaries that addicts in rehab do. You are essentially an addict to processed foods, sugar, and the feeling of being full, so you have to buckle down and know your triggers.

If your cravings for junk are too strong, call up a friend and have them help talk you through it. Busy yourself to avoid reaching the cabinet for food out of boredom. Being aware is the first step to freedom in all areas of life.

In the end, everybody has different opinions on what is truly healthy in life. Some things can be agreed upon, but for the most part, it can be a guessing game. Everybody’s bodies are different, so you have to find what is right and works for you.

Know and listen to your body and focus on health, not on a number on the scale. If you feel like you have a problem that needs addressing, make the needed changes. The most important thing is to be happy and physically healthy so that you can life a long, full life.

So we can choose a healthy diet to control our body and its weight because health is wealth.

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