Tips for bringing your dogs to expos

If you have been planning to bring your pet or dog to a vendor fair or expo, then you are in the right place. Dogs tend to dislike places that are crowded by other pets such as expos and festivals. This article will show the things you can do if you are planning to take your dog to an expo.

1. Understand Your Dog’s Temper

Before you bring your dog, ask yourself if this is something it would be happy about. Your dog might not enjoy the atmosphere, and this is something you should know beforehand. If your dog is shy, then it will not enjoy the expos and festivals.

The reactivity of your dog is the other thing you need to consider. If he is the type that overreacts when surrounded by other pets and dogs, you should not bring it to the festival. Some dogs also tend to be reactive when exposed to new environments. If that is the case, then you should attend the event without him but buy your dog a surprise when you return home.

2. Carry Your Dog’s Immunization Records

Before your dog is allowed into the festival, you will have to show some immunization records. This is why you should carry them with you when you bring your dog to the festival. However, in some events, you might not find it necessary to carry such records.

3. Come Late or Early

Most of the time, the first few and last hours of an event are the best. If you want to have the best time, try to arrive a little early or late. Make sure to carry a poop bag if you are coming with your pet. After you have scooped the poop, inform the person in charge of sanitization so that the area is sanitized.

There are clean-up crews in the area who ensure that it is kept clean and healthy all the time. If you have a male dog, and it marks an expo stand, inform the person in charge to have it cleaned. There are clean-up kits at the booth to take care of such instances. If you are attending an expo, come with a few folded paper towels, hand towels, and poop bags. These will help you take good care of accidents when they occur.

4. Come with a Water Bowl

Because of too much excitement at the festival, your dog will feel thirsty often. Therefore, you should carry your own popup water bowl for your pet. It even comes in handy if your dog has some health issues or is a senior. Your dog shouldn’t drink after everyone has left the event. Make sure it is kept hydrated all the time so that it enjoys every second at the festival.

5. Carry a Fixed Leash

You need to keep your dog by your side all the time at the festival for safety purposes. A fixed leash is essential in crowded aisles. It is the one thing you will need regardless of the type of show you are attending with your pet. Retractable leashes normally present a risk to dogs and other people. With a fixed leash, your dog won’t get wrapped up and bring the setup down during an expo. For the festival, you only need a fixed leash measuring 4 feet; you must not come with anything longer than that.

6. A Stroller is Great if You have a Small Dog

There are many types of strollers or dog carriers. Backpacks and slings used quite often for small dogs in shows. If your dog risks being injured by being harassed by other dogs, then you will need to carry it. However, if the event is large and you want your little friend to stroll, then you will need to use a stroller.

7. Choose The Leading Exhibition

There are many excellent exhibitions in the UK. All dog breeds are accepted at the ‘Promo Pooches‘, just as long as they are over one year old. The best part is that you can get paid for having your dog recruited in the exhibition. It is a rare opportunity to have your dog showered with affection all day long while you earn around £200 per day.


Bringing your dog to a festival is one of the best decisions you can ever make. But you need to arm yourself with the right equipment in case things get tense for it. This is why things like fixed leashes, strollers, and backpacks are highly recommended. You can get some if you are getting ready for an upcoming dog festival.

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