Think before you drink and drive

The holiday season is past, and that means that many people have gone through the process of being extra careful about drinking and driving. There are lots of stories about terrible consequences of those holiday accidents, that good habits are on lock for those few weeks in the winter.

But then, after it’s over, some people move back into their old habits of hitting up the bar and then heading home, or having a few at a restaurant with dinner and then leaving with their family. But drinking and driving is always a bad idea, and the following reasons will keep you thinking about why you shouldn’t do it!

Lawyers Are Necessary

If you get caught drinking and driving by a law enforcement officer, chances are very likely that you’re going to have to call a lawyer, and it’s not going to be a happy conversation. Good lawyers will do whatever they can for you, but it’s really better not to need them when it comes to a personal choice that you’re making.

Statistics Are Not In Your Favor

If you look up information about drinking and driving, you’ll see that confidence is an unfortunate part of the equation that often results in the worst possible outcome. Because of the nature of alcohol, people think they are better off and more skilled at driving than they really are, so accidents are far more likely to happen when you’re in an altered state as opposed to when you are sober driving, even if your basic decision tree is in about the same place.

Plan On Losing Your Job

Drinking and driving leads to legal action, which, a huge percent of the time, will lead to the loss of your job. No matter how cushy of a spot you think you’re in, if you get on the wrong side of the law, your employer is going to have to face the music just as much as you are.

Use Public Transportation If You Need To

There are great services like Uber or Lyft these days, so whereas in the past it was more difficult to stay away from drinking and driving, there is almost no excuse at all these days, and the prices aren’t even all that bad considering the alternative.

Read Stories From People Who Have Been Through Accidents

And if you need a reminder about the long term consequences of drinking and driving, just read through the narratives of anyone who has been in a drinking and driving accident, or someone who has had a friend killed or injured in one, or who has spent time in jail because of their decisions. It will make your path that much more clear.

Drinking is something that should be done in moderation. Even though it is not illegal to drink, you can break the law by intoxicating yourself and ending up in an accident. You will also suffer from the trauma of the experience, so it’s best to be careful whenever you consume alcohol.

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