Things to consider when buying a camera bag

One of the most important things you should have if you want to excel in your photography profession is a good-quality camera bag. This is one item you shouldn’t take for granted at all neither should you be contented with your typical backpack. In fact, you should be quite picky with the bag you choose for your photography paraphernalia.

Why buy a camera bag?

Whether you are a full-time travel photographer or you are an amateur who uses your camera during holidays only, owning the right camera bag is very important. This is the place you keep your gear when travelling or not in use. It helps to keep your equipment safe and in order.

Other than housing your camera, lenses and other accessories such as filters, speed lights and batteries, camera bags are extremely comfortable to carry when moving to different destinations. The kind of comfort you won’t get in a regular bag. Furthermore, the bags are divided in such as way that you know where to keep every item. Thus, packing and unpacking your camera gear becomes fast and secure wherever you are.

Tips to help you buy the right camera bag

These days, with so many choices in the market, choosing the right camera bag is an uphill task. Not every smart camera bag you see on sale is the right camera bag for you. The appearance may be sophisticated but the functionality is wanting. To make sure you don’t regret the choice you make, here are some amazing tips you can use as a guide when buying your camera bag.

1. Type

If you want to buy a camera bag that will serve you well, then be very keen when deciding on the type you want to buy. Knowing the different types available will help you make informed choices. Below are some of the most common types you’ll find even at your nearest local store.

Shoulder bag

Shoulder bags are quite popular with many photographers thanks to their comfort and convenience. You’ll find that most designs come with interesting features such as comfortable straps, durable zippers, rain flaps and multiple pockets intended for the other accessories. The designs also vary making it easy to choose the one that suits your taste and preference.


One thing that makes backpacks extremely popular especially to travel photographers is because they are very spacious. In addition to your camera gear, you can still pack other items such as extra clothing, mobile phone and packed lunch. Meaning, when you have a backpack, there will be no need to carry other bags.

Hard cases

Even with the availability of other types of camera bags, many photographers still choose to use hard cases for their camera gear and accessories. The most impressive thing about hard cases is that they are super durable. When your camera gear is inside a hard case, you are guaranteed of its safety even if the hard case is kicked or thrown away.

Poaches and cases

Poaches and cases are designed to carry small compact cameras and not DSLR. Most travel photographers use poaches and cases when going to remote places where means of transport is a challenge so that they can still carry their paraphernalia conveniently. The bags have pockets where you can keep small items such as memory cards and batteries.

If poaches and cases are too small for you, then you can use a waist belt which is a slightly bigger version. This hands-free option is great but it’s worth noting that you can’t use it as your all-time bag if you are venturing into professional photography.

2. Qualities

After you’ve decided on the type, proceed to qualities such as,


A good camera bag should be made of quality material so that it can last longer. You can choose from canvas, ballistic nylon, cotton or leather depending on your taste and preference. Also, ensure the one you choose is water resistance so that it doesn’t inconvenience you in case the weather is unpredictable.


The size of your camera bag is also an important aspect to consider. To know the ideal size, consider the items you’ll be carrying around when shooting most of the time. If you’ll be carrying a handful, then you need a spacious bag. More so, if you intend to use your telephoto lens most of the time, then your bag should have a provision to safely hold the lens.


Apart from using your camera bag to carry your camera gear, the other vital use of the bag is to protect your gadgets. Therefore, the bag you choose should have the capacity to keep your equipment safe when in transit or storage.

Padding is very important to a camera bag. The stronger it is, the more protection your camera is guaranteed to get. For maximum protection of your gear, choose a design with closed-cell foams in the interiors. The bag should also be water-resistant, the flaps tightly sealed and the zips should not be exposed in such a way they can allow water to seep inside the bag. With such a bag, you are sure your camera is well protected.


When choosing a camera bag, don’t compromise on your comfort. As a photographer, you’ll be carrying this bag from one destination to another. Besides, even after arriving at your preferred destination, you’ll still carry it to the various shooting locations. So, to ensure it doesn’t become a burden to you, choose a bag that you are comfortable moving around with.

Choose a bag with padded straps of the right length. If you are going to buy a shoulder bag, then it shouldn’t be the type that drags you down because when you place your gear it’s too low. Since it may be difficult to know if it’s going to drag down when buying it because it’s empty, ask the salesperson to stock it with some stuff, then carry it. If you feel comfortable carrying it with the stuff inside, then it’s going to be comfortable even when carrying your camera gear.

Personal needs

All photographers have their personal needs and preferences. The kind of bag you’ll find uncomfortable may be very convenient for another photographer. Hence, when buying yours, ensure you prioritize on your personal needs. For instance, if you are going to carry your laptop, then your camera bag should have a laptop bag as well. You should also consider things such as multiple pockets, compartments and a bottle water holder for more convenience.


You now have the right tips to help you choose a dependable, sturdy and functional camera bag. A good camera bag should be among your first accessories if you want to venture and succeed in photography. Therefore, before you head out, ensure your camera gear is protected. It’s the only way that expensive gear will serve you for longer.

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