The future of solar panels for businesses

Across the UK households are installing solar PV panels in order to generate their own sustainable energy, slash their bills, reduce their emissions footprint, and earn a little extra income with the surplus energy they generate. It’s now become a common sight to see solar panels installed on the roofs of home around the country, but is it just homeowners that can reap the rewards of solar energy? Businesses too are discovering how beneficial solar power can be and how the installation of solar panels could be a great investment for their future. To make a well-informed decision, you need to be made aware of the pros and cons of solar panels for businesses so that you can choose whether it’s the right investment for you.

The Differences between Commercial and Business Solar Panels

Commercial solar panels refer to large panels that are usually installed on properties such as farm buildings, hospitals, schools, industrial warehouses, and manufacturing plants.

Solar panels for businesses are different and typically installed on smaller businesses that operate from an office building. Therefore, most businesses require a solar power system that is similar to that used in domestic set ups in both terms of size and financial savings. Experts like Western Industrial can provide solutions for businesses and commercial properties of all sizes.

Why Should You Install Solar Panels for Your Business?

A business is any sector can benefit from the advantages that solar panels provide, from the cutting of fuel costs to the reduction of carbon footprint.

Save Money

The electricity you gain from solar panels is free electricity meaning the less you need to buy from a supplier. Clearly using solar panels can play a big part in reducing your overheads, cutting your costs and saving you precious money.

Gain Independence

Energy prices are only going to go up, but you can free your business from being tied to these rising expenses. Creating your own electricity means you won’t rely on the National Grid and the constantly changing prices of power. In this way, you will be able to improve your budgeting and forecasting abilities, giving you more understanding of your finances and your future.

Public Image

A good public image does wonders for your business financially, and now more than ever customers want to do business with companies that are seen to be acting in a more sustainable way. When you can prove that your business is environmentally friendly and ecologically conscious, you will stand out against your competitors and make yourself more appealing and attractive to potential customers. The improvements and the changes you make will boost your public image while simultaneously increasing your revenue.

What are the Costs of a Solar Power System?

You may think that solar power systems are beyond your budget, but they are in fact cheaper than ever before due to the massive leaps that the technology has experienced and the competitive nature of the market. Of course, the total costs depend on the number of panels that you need, the type and brand of solar panel that you used and the place they are being installed. To give you a rough idea of costs, a medium sized business with output needs of 5-9 kW would cost between 8 thousand and fourteen thousand pounds. While it still might sound like quite a big investment, there are various government incentives that you can take advantage of that to offset the cost, and the returns you will gain from the installation of solar panels will more than outweigh the expense involved.

Hopefully the benefits and costs we’ve briefly outlined will help you make the best decision for the future of your business!

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