Is private schooling right for your children?

There has been a debate about which kind of school, private or public, is better, for a very long time. Private schools offer great, safe learning environments, but there are a host of other reasons for parents to make the choice for a private school education. Here are a few detailed reasons listed below, but they barely scratch the surface.

Comfortable and Advanced Learning Environments

If a student is smart in a private school, then they are considered to be one of the cool kids. The primary objective in a college prep school is preparing students for the life and academics of college. Most private schools offer AP classes (Advanced Placement), and there are many private schools offering IB programs (International Baccalaureate). Also, offering these courses demonstrates how qualified the teachers are.

You can also find private schools that cater to specific principles and values, such as Christian schools, military schools, international schools, and more. Whatever your social leanings, you can find a school that supports those while providing excellent education opportunities, college preparation and networking.

Extra-Curricular Activities as Vital Programs

Extracurricular activities like special interest groups, community service projects, visual and performing arts and dozens of others are offered in private schools. They are emphasized in private schools because of their importance to the academic program. Private schools integrate their extra-curricular activities into academics to put learning into action.

Sports as More Than Just Competition

Sports are the third part of the process to make complete a student. Many private schools will require sports and elaborate physical fitness as part of the curriculum. For example, some schools require students to receive lessons in swimming at the campus pool from preschool ages until grade three, which provides physical fitness and a survival skill.

Sports can create a culture of teamwork and inclusion, on top of the obvious physical benefits of regular exercise. Physical activity also has a positive benefit on mental processes, so it is a perfect complement to a learning environment.

More Attention for the Students

According to the government’s National Center for Education Statistics, a college prep school with elementary and secondary students combined will be between 300 to 400 students based on a national average. Smaller schools are better for the students because they get more attention from their teachers, and there are not as many distractions. Smaller classes do matter, and they prevent students from being lost in the system and falling through the cracks.

These reasons alone are enough to sell a lot of people on choosing the private route. It is important to keep in mind the variety of private schools available such as ones, which incorporate religion into curriculum for people who value a high education and faith, and there are others like the school listed above as an example, which focus on maximizing the character, intellect and physical prowess of the student starting when they can walk. If a private school is something a person wants but can’t afford, then financing is available for many schools, and it is a good investment.

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