What options do you have for pool cleaning

Whether you have a private swimming pool at home, or you are the owner of property that has a pool is an added attraction for the tourists and customers, and you require pool cleaning system to maintain hygiene. Wide varieties of options are available these days, for pool vacuum or pool cleaning. You need to choose from one of them according to your needs. The alternatives available for pool cleaning services include suction side, robotic, manual and others. The costs of the services differ just like the style of functioning.

It’s very natural on your part to be confused as to which option is the best for you. You want to do the pool cleaning yourself or install a system that your staff can operate smoothly, instead of inviting a professional every time. Here are a few automatic pool cleaning solutions that you can choose from:

The most affordable option – manual pool cleaning

If you have enough manpower to do the job, a manual pool cleaner is the best option for you. Manual cleaners are available at the lowest cost, and you hardly require any technology to use it. The manual cleaner consists of a vacuum head that is attached to a telescopic pole, and a hose connecting the vacuum head to a suction unit fitted on the pool wall. You or your cleaning staff simply need to move through the length and breadth of the pool, to suck up the dirt from the pool floor and the walls. You will be required to spend a significant amount of time to do the job using this system of cleaning. If you have a small pool and enjoy staying in the water, get the manual cleaners.

Suction-Side Cleaners

This is another variety of pool cleaning solutions. This system works by attaching the pool cleaners to the pool skimmer or the suction line of the pool. The power of suction in the filtration systems of the pool, help the cleaners move through the pool surface. This system proves to be the most advantageous in places where the pool has a lot of sand and other fine particles in it. The superior suction-side sucks all the dirt into the pool’s filter and works on the power of the pump and the filter system in the pool.

Pressure Side Pool Cleaners

The pressure-side automatic cleaners work with the power of water pressure. The rollers in the system roll over the surface of the pool and drop the dirt in a container attached to the head of the unit. The most popular pressure cleaners have booster pumps in them. The motor in the pump creates a water pressure that powers the machine and the tail that agitates the water while moving along the pool wall and the floor. This type of cleaner can also clean the pool of leaves and acorns that fall into it since it has a wider opening. These devices last for a long time if maintained well.

Robotic Cleaners

The robotic cleaners are self-moving machines that navigate the pools, sucking up all the dirt and debris. The machine has rotating brushes attached to it that scrub the pool surface as the cleaner moves along. With two intake ports that provide a wide opening, these types of cleaners can pull in maximum debris, including the small particles like sand and pollen. You can use this system if there are porous surfaces, or hard to brush corners in your pool. You can run the machine on battery or plug in the water-safe cord to an electricity outlet. Another specialty of the robotic pool cleaners is that you can use them even when the pool circulation system is switched off. The robotic cleaners are also available in the solar–powered variety. This saves you the cost of electricity or batteries.

Once you decide the type of pool cleaning system you want to buy, there are few other factors that you need to consider. If you have vinyl liners in your pool, don’t buy machines designed primarily for scrubbing rough surfaces. Also ensure that the size of the cord is enough to cover your pool length.
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