Picking the right plantation shutters for your home

Shutters are a versatile and beautiful window treatment. Plantation shutters are a great investment in your home. In fact they are the only window treatment that when appraising your home actually can add value being they are a permanent fixture of your home.

Plantation shutters give an attractive appearance to any room. Also they are the most energy-efficient window treatment that is louvered no matter which material you choose. Interior window shutters are one of the best window coverings on the market today! You can get them made in real wood and also a composite wood material. Plantation interior shutters bring you great options that are perfect for your style and your budget.

Plantation shutters have a sleek clean appearance that are lovely and they can complement both contemporary decorating style or a traditional decor. They are perfect for any room, window or even a door (I especially think they look great on sliding doors). You can get the shutters made so that they slide like the door does.

Interior shutters can actually make your home more energy efficient with their unique thermal insulating capabilities that have the highest R-value of any louvered product on the market, blocking and reflecting extreme temperatures in both winter and summer. When you have your shutters installed you will be surprised at how much the shutters help maintain your home’s temperature and because of their long-lasting beauty and durability to your home. For privacy, light-control, and energy-efficiency, window shutters are a great option for your home or office.

You can have the plantation shutters made in a custom size to fit virtually any window and come in a variety of louver widths, colors and stains finishes as well. The larger the louver size will allow more light through your windows. Typically you will see the larger louver size shutters in more of a contemporary decorating style and the small louver shutter in a more traditional style home.

Plantation shutters can be made in a number of specialty styles and shapes, including arched windows and other shaped windows. Specialty shaped plantation shutters provide the same beauty and insulation as traditional rectangular shutters. I would recommend getting several quotes when shopping for your shutters. I found a huge difference in price and quality when getting shutters for my home. Shutters are one of the more harder window treatments to install. I would advise that unless you have some carpentry skills to go ahead and have them installed from who you purchase them from. Below I describe the material shutters are made from.

Wooden Window Shutters

Wooden shutters are typically made with a hardwood or popular wood. You can get them made in a stained finish or a painted color. Wood shutters can even be painted to match your trim exactly. Wooden shutters come in louver sizes ranging from 2 inch up to 4.5 inch size. They have a wide arrange of features such as the hidden tilt feature and much more.

Wood shutters can be made into just about any shape where as composite material has some limitations in applications. When picking the right shutters for your house be sure to ask the consultant questions about one panel or two panels per window, eventually to show you photos from previous jobs and installations.

Wooden interior shutters can go extremely wide in panel widths giving a very nice look and allowing the light in. Picking out the louver size and panel configuration is important to make sure you get just the right look.

Composite Shutters

Composite is the material a lot of people choose for the shutters in their houses. They are made from a durable wood polymer. Faux wood or composite shutters are sturdy and budget-friendly option. Being they cost less than real wood shutters. Composite plantation shutters are great for high-humidity situations, such as bathrooms and some kitchens where they might get water on them.

Composite material is extremely durable and sturdy for interior shutters. Most will not warp, crack, or fade over time. Composite shutters give a similar appearance than wood shutters does. I couldn’t even tell the difference in the painted finishes when I looked at them comparing them to wood shutters.

If you want a stain color though I would recommend wood shutters though. The composite or faux wood shutters are not that great looking in the stained finishes and they don’t offer a lot of color choices.

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