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Kids love parties. They meet up with friends and cousins and play all kinds of games. Some kids are not as sociable as others. This is why it is useful to know a number of party games. You can include children who are shy and reserved. They won’t take part otherwise. It is important for everyone to have a good time. Give them the best possible childhood memories you can. Here are some games kids might find interesting.

Musical chairs

This is not a new game. Still, it can become contemporary. Bring into the room one less chair than the number of kids playing the game. Next thing to do is to play some music for them. They have to dance around the chairs until the music stops. Then each of them tries to sit on a nearest chair. The last one to sit down is out of the round. One chair is then removed. The winner must sit on a chair every time until the end. In the end there is only one chair and two contenders left.

To make this game more appealing to youngsters, let them play songs they listen to. Everyone has the right to choose one song. Be sure to bring a cable so they can plug the speaker in their device. You can also use the internet for streaming songs.


This one is always fun to play. Even adults enjoy it. Kids, however, are way better at playing it. This is also a timeless game because it is based on acting.

Children have to be divided in teams of two. Every kid playing has to write on a piece of paper a title of a movie, song or a book. All papers are mixed together. If a kid picks something they wrote, they must put it back and pick another. One teammate acts and the other one guesses. The team with the most points wins. It’s a great game because kids can reference movies and music they listen to.

Who am I?

This game is a great icebreaker for parties. You need to get sticky name tags and a pen. Let the kids write on each one a name of a famous person. Then everyone will take one tag and stick it to their forehead. All the kids will see who the others are but not themselves. They try to guess who they are by asking simple yes/no questions. For example: Am I an athlete? The winners are those who guess who they are.


Here’s what you should do if you want to make a birthday special. Celebrate it in one of the kids birthday party venues. Children with plenty of energy can enjoy their trampolines. No one would want to miss out on such an experience. Some of the venues offer playing dodgeball. Kids can also have fun playing on modern gaming consoles. It is not the same as when you grew up, but the young ones will definitely have a blast!

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