Parquet vs laminate flooring: which is best?

In interior design, the flooring plays a significant role. In order for a place to be functional, both its beauty and practical characteristics must be in sync. Choosing from a large variety of possibilities is easy to do. As far as surface design is concerned, parquet and laminate are particularly impressive.

Laminate is made of polymers, whereas parquet flooring is made up of actual wood. But, when it comes to living rooms and bathrooms, which floor covering is best? Is it better to decorate a business with parquet or laminate flooring? It is critical to understand the distinctions and particular qualities of both parquet and laminate before making a decision.


Laminate flooring is a composite material made of plastic. As the name suggests, these are thermosetting polymers, meaning that they can’t be distorted once they’ve dried out. Flooring made of multiple layers is durable and long-lasting. Design options are virtually limitless. There are a lot of laminate floors that appear like wood.

The parquet flooring is composed of real wood.


Anyone who places a high value on authenticity will choose a parquet floor. Wood has a cozy feel to it. This look can be achieved solely through the use of laminate, although the floor itself is cold. Parquet is always a pleasure to walk on. The warmth of a parquet floor is felt by the feet. The ambience of a place is improved by a floor covering made of real wood. When the floor is built entirely of wood, the indoor environment benefits noticeably. Due to their breathable surface, oiled parquet flooring can even absorb odours from the room air.

Purely from a visual standpoint, laminate can replicate this effect, but the floor itself is chilly.


Anyone considering purchasing laminate or parquet flooring should consider sustainability and disposal.

A high-quality laminate will last a long time. When a laminate floor is replaced, however, the issue of disposal arises. They are difficult to dispose of. On the other hand, a parquet floor may be sanded down and resealed or oiled even after extensive use with noticeable deterioration, which is not possible with laminate. Wood is a regenerative material. Every builder contributes to the conservation of the environment by using parquet that originates from sustainable forestry.


Laminate flooring is a great option for a new flooring in a rental unit. It’s obvious that laminate is a better bargain than parquet, because it’s less expensive. Parquet is more expensive, but it’s worth it because of the quality.

In the end, the choice between parquet and laminate depends not only on the use, but also on your personal expectations.

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