Motherhood is hard work

Paul fell into the water. But his mother is there to help. Don’t imagine Paul is the real name of the cub. It may be by a pure and fantastical chance. I thought it fitted him. If I had a polar bear like this little one Paul would be his name. No name comes into my mind for his mother. Anyway, here is Paul, enjoying his time at the Zoo. Or Aquarium. The one who shot this short movie didn’t mention the location. A lovely polar baby bear who doesn’t know yet his life is limited to that playground and will never know their motherland is huge. Lovely play, you must see the movie. The mother looks nervous, maybe because her baby didn’t let her sleep during the night? ?

Hmm, still, one second look away and the little one is already in trouble. He doesn’t swim. Yet. Excellent reaction from his mother who jumped into the water to help him get out safe. Worth mentioning and observing she’s not taking him out completely, she’s not over protective. But close and helping him just as much, or as little to make him figure it out himself how to get on the ground.

Good for her. And good for him.

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