Low-cost updates that add value to your home

Doing repairs on your home can cost a lot of money. And usually, that money (or the lack of it) turns out to be the biggest problem. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. In fact, here are some tricks that will give your home a new vibe!


Sometimes the junk lying around the house (and I don’t necessarily mean trash but all the extra things you need for nothing) create the image of a cluttered, visually unpleasant space to look at or be at. Extra furniture, your kids’ toys and similar stuff can also be in the way. Start by cleaning your home entirely and getting rid of things you don’t actually need. This way, the space will look bigger, more spacious and more attractive.

Do a deep clean

Ah, the wonder that is deep clean! All begins with good hygiene and so does the appeal of a house. Start by cleaning (or hiring someone who is specialized for this) to scrub every corner and nook, every far-reaching spot and crack. This also refers to cleaning of the carpets – they should be washed so that they shine again. If your budget allows it, investing in a new carpet is also a good idea. Make sure the windows sparkle and the curtains are freshly hung.


Painting the walls is one of the best ways to give your space a new vibe. You can just go with a fresh coat of the same color your walls were painte in so far or opt for a different one, to give the space a makeover. Painting the walls isn’t expensive, especially if you are doing it alone. You can also make it a project with your friends or your spouse and make a day of it. Putting up wallpapers or stickers is another brilliant option, especially because they are easy to put up and easy to take off.

Building and re-building

If there are some repairs you need to do around the house, hiring residential builders may be just the thing you should do. These skilled professionals will know exactly what to do and how to improve the overall look of your house. They will also give some ideas on what other things could be done that will certainly add value to your home. You may even try to negotiate a discount.

Let the sunshine in

If you’ve got a house with many windows, you are half way there – opening the curtains and cleaning windows will bring light into each room of the house, giving it an amazing look! If, unfortunately, your house doesn’t have as many windows as you would like it to have, you can always compensate with installing lamps and lights around the house. This is a pretty cheap fix and they modernize spaces easily. You can play with old, antique chandeliers and make them a show piece. Don’t forget to increase the wattage in dark rooms!

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