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I started blogging more than 8 years ago and I’ve loved every second of this journey – the good and the bad, the blood and the sweat. I’m so glad that I took a leap of faith and started blogging. On free blogging platforms first, then using different names, before settling to MikeMyers.co.uk as the definitive place for me to share my thoughts and knowledge, opinions and recommendations. I’ve learned a lot from blogging, for example how web hosting works and which hosting providers to choose as to be safe on my decision, about security and SSL, a lot about web design, content writing and content marketing, about advertising and how to make a business out of it.

If you’re one of the people who don’t understand what blogging is or why I and many others do it, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Let me know your questions, I will gladly share my thoughts and knowledge with you. Anyway I will try to explain it here in a few words.

What’s Blogging?

It’s about passion, then it’s about goals. It’s about strategy then it’s about accomplishments. In the end it becomes a business. The more familiar you are and the more knowledge you get, the more exposure for you and your brand name – the more opportunities arise. In my case it was about stepping up to the next level, offering services related to blogging and hosting, security and web design, writing and promotion, from advice to implementing them all, building a business and making a living out of it.

Today I’m able to advice you and anyone willing to get my advice on

  • how to choose a brand name for your blog (of course, if you’re not using your real name)
  • how to choose a web hosting provider
  • how to choose from the infinite number of layouts and how to customize them to closely match your personality
  • how to start writing and moreover how to improve your writing
  • how to make a name in the niche you’ve chosen, how to find your voice and what makes you unique in the blogging community
  • how to find opportunities and how to let opportunities find you – in other words how to make money blogging
  • how to make sure your blog or website is safe and sound from a security point of view, how to perform and keep regular backups of your blog/website

The secret sauce of succeeding in blogging is to treat your blog as a business from the very beginning – this makes blogging a priority and makes you put out your best work; to plan ahead – somehow similar to business owners developing their business plans – it’s not so advanced but anyway it’s sort of a business plan since you treat your blog as a business; to know your readers – this tells you what works for you and what doesn’t; to be yourself – this keeps you away from copying other bloggers – of course, you get inspired by the people you follow and admire but it shouldn’t lead you to comparing yourself with them but helping you differentiate.

Nice words, right? They’re only words until you try.

I also help fellow bloggers and small businesses with website design and website maintenance and promotion so if you’re in need for such services, just let me know (you can anyway find specific information on the dedicated pages). The last years offered me the opportunity to design a number (continuously increasing) of websites for small businesses (I work with WordPress which is an excellent platform for both blogging and building corporate websites) and my knowledge and reliability made them rely on me to manage their websites (from updates to tweaks and maintenance, from content writing to content marketing). So today I can offer the full range of services related to WordPress websites and blogs.

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