How to renovate your home on a budget

You’ll be happy to know that renovating your home doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money. If you are currently contemplating renovating your home but have a limited budget, there are a multiple of affordable and easy solutions that you can use breathing new lease of life into your property.

1. Make use of a stylish stair runner

Stairs are usually one of the first things you see when you walk into a building. You can update yours by switching out worn out threads, for a stylish and smart stair runner.

2. Add a dash of color

You don’t have to restrict yourself to black, grey or white schemes. The truth is, the best home decor styles include pops of colour to brighten up the space and add a touch of flair and personality.

Bright coloured walls is not the only way to integrate colour into your home-you can choose a bright coloured rugs, cushions or hang up a bright wall art. It is important to note, when working with colours, ensure they complement one another. If you are in doubt, make use of a colour wheel to guide you.

3. Open up the space in your home

According to a study by Bankrate, open floor plans are very popular among home buyers. Most home buyers look for an open floor plan, where the dining room, family room and kitchen are all in one vast open space. What this means is, formal dining rooms are gradually going out of style.

If you currently live in a property that is not open floored, you might be wondering how you can make it more open without pulling down walls. Not to worry, making your home more open is easier than you might imagine. You could get rid of bulky furniture or move around their placement to open up your space.

Alternatively, if you currently bulky furniture that take up a lot of space but like where they are placed – consider painting them a warm off-white colour which will help them blend in with the room and produce the illusion of the space being more open.

4. Glass for natural light

There is just something about glass that is contemporary and chic. Installing glass in a room can immediately make it look stylish and modern. It also makes the room appear more spacious. Even if you don’t have room for a bigger window, you can still incorporate glass into your living space by making use of the glass doors or installing a skylight. A good place to have a skylight is the bathroom, especially if it is small and with small windows. A skylight will brighten up the space and give the appearance of being bigger than it actually is. You can check out bathrooms on Archipro for ideas on renovating your bathroom.

5. Go with natural materials

If you’d like to upgrade the look of your home to a more contemporary style, making use of organic materials is a great choice. You can install dark warm wood cabinets or stone bench that can instantly transform your dining and kitchen area; you could also make use of exposed brick walls or bamboo flooring for that rustic chic style.

6. Upgrade your window treatments

Windows are very easy to overlook. If your windows are currently bare, it is time for an upgrade. It doesn’t matter what view you can see when you look out the window, it still deserves the best dressing. To make it more modern, consider installing curtain panels with custom blinds. We recommend you follow your current colour scheme and don’t be afraid to add a little bit of flair.

7. Switch up existing tiles

You may not be able to make permanent changes if you are renting but old tiles can still be upgraded-especially with tile stickers. Even though tile stickers are considered gimmicky, there is a growing collection of quirky motifs and trendy patterns that are designed for the green rental market, that are anything but naff.

If you currently have clean tiles but would like to switch it up, consider using stripe of stickers – if you don’t have a large area to cover or have ugly patterned tiles. You could also try covering the whole thing completely with a new design. Alternatively you could update discoloured grouts with something coloured (although this may be more work). If you are adventurous, try a bold hue but if you prefer to keep it minimalist, the grey grout can instantly transform the look of a plain tiles.

Another great option to upgrade your tiles, is to paint them – just make sure that you use paints and primers that are suitable for tiles and consider a satin or matte finish, as opposed to a glossy finish.

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