How to plan the ultimate hen do

Though some might disagree, it can be argued that the hen do is the most important part of your marriage, second only to the marriage ceremony itself. A hen do is the most fun and adventurous night in a bride-to-be’s life leading up to the wedding, and it is up to the marriage party and her bride’s maids to ensure that the bride gets the best hen do that she possibly can.

Here is a step by step guide to planning the ultimate hen do for your bride-to-be friend:

1. Budget

Start off with a specific budget that everyone agrees upon. Make sure a few people don’t have to bear all the expenses and be realistic with the budgeting plan. This budget will include everything from transport, party décor, entertainment, drinks, and food.

2. Book a venue

Unless one of you has a perfect open space in which this party can be held, it is always best to book a small place that can host a lot of guests and allow for all the games and fun that will most definitely happen. This can allow you to have the sort of food you want and where you will be setting up the food. If you host the party in the hall of a hotel, club, or restaurant, then catering may not be an issue. However, in other venues, ordering and setting up food and drinks might be difficult.

3. Outfits

Who doesn’t love hen do outfits? Plan a day out with the girls and take each other, along with the bride, to a shopping spree for a gorgeous and fun outfit for the party. It is essential for the bride to be pampered with such small gestures such as these so splurging on outfits is a great idea.

4. Events

The first thing to do on the day of the party is to get dolled up and pampered at a salon. Go out together and get a massage, a mani-pedi, or even get your hair and makeup done so you can look as good as you feel.

5. Accessories and entertainment

Depending on the choice and preference of entertainment, be sure to book beforehand! Waiting last minute is not the best way to go about planning such events.

Another good idea is to get a lot of fun games and accessories for the actual party. Referring to a website that has a good collection of games, accessories, and other fun trinkets for the party is a way to get the best things in your budget. Stag and Hen City has a wide variety of items that one can choose from. They have a lot of fun games, cute costumes, amusing accessories, and even some raunchy items that can spice up the hen do for the bride to be.

Planning a hen do is not easy, and it’s always a lot of pressure on the bride’s maids to do a good job. Following this guide can make that job a lot easier.

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