How to make your room a home office

If you have a family, you will probably rather want to work in a two by two home office than to have children running around, touching stuff and playing video games on your laptop. A home office is a great solution if you do not want anyone to disturb you while you work.

Mark the place

This first step is very important so you need to focus on this one. You need to select a place in the house somewhere in the corner with enough room to store a table, chair, shelves and a small storage part. Stay away from the living room because the guests may drag your attention away. Select the corner farthest form the main entrance because the doorbell can be very irritating.

It is very clear that you need to be somewhere close to the window because you need fresh air and natural light. It is better not to have your desk in front of the window because any movement outside may be a big distraction especially if the window is looking at the neighbor’s yard.

Connecting with people

Your home office must have enough outlets in order to connect all the equipment you need like the computer, internet router, telephone, fax machine, etc… Remember that you need to have some free outlets for charging you cell phone and laptop. You don’t need a TV inside your office so there is no reason to make room for the TV antenna. If you work requires fast internet you should find a way to limit the internet speed to the rest of the house which is better than finding a new provider which will increase you bills.

Choose the furniture carefully

This may be harder that it sounds. Even though you want oak wood you will need to find something that will fit in that small space. It is recommended that you take measurements of your space before you decide to buy anything. It is also not a bad idea to measure the furniture that you already have. The chair is a very important piece because you will spend the most of the time using it. Comfort is the number one priority so try not to save money on the chair. You should buy a high chair because it will make you feel secure and more productive.

Take a better look at your equipment

Place the equipment near the sockets in order to prevent the cables from overlapping between your legs. Put some of the equipment like the fax machine somewhere close but keep it away from the things that you use more often.

Organize your own space

Your work space needs to be well organized because you can lose a lot of time looking for things you need. Categorize and organize all paperwork and folders and put them in the right place at the end of the day. By cleaning the clutter from the table you will make things easier for yourself the next day.

Every home office should have a plant in it so find one that doesn’t seek a lot of attention. Small details can improve the productivity inside the home office so try not to hang some depressive picture on the wall or something too colorful. Find the curtains with the ability to adjust the light and make sure that you pick one with a bright color. Choosing the right colors and combining them will make your office design a lot more compact. Bright colors and less small things can make a room look bigger than it is so keep in mind that sometimes less is more.

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