How much do you think you should earn?

A million dollar question? How much should you earn in your life? How much is enough for you? The more money, the better life? Is that so? In fact, nobody knows how much is sufficient for a better life. Why? Because nobody knows what a better life is. Yes, few are aware that a life with loads of money might be more miserable than that which has little.

Now, we will go into the core of the topic, ‘How much money is enough?’ Let me share a story with you which I read in my childhood. It can be very relevant here.

There was a happy cobbler who used to sing while working and remain content with what he had and what he did. Such a cheerful guy he was. He didn’t have a good home to live in.

An affluent man living opposite to his roadside shop wondered as to how he could remain so happy with a meagre income. He would hardly earn $3-$4 a day. Still, he seemed to have complete satisfaction. The rich man was impressed and one-day he approached him. He said, “Man, you are a delightful person. I wish to give you $1,000 so that you can better your life and remain more happy.” He offered him $1,000 and went away.

The cobbler had no word to thank the man. He was very jubilant. Merrily the poor cobbler went to his almost impaired home with the money. But, soon he became tensed. “Where the heck I’d keep the money so that it can be secure?” There was barely a so-called safe place in his house. He grew more tensed; could not sleep that night lest his money be stolen away. Days passed and he became more & more stressed out worrying for the money. He spent sleepless nights and his lovely humming songs withered away. His daily happy life became miserable.

His job was badly affected and so was his life. Eventually, he understood, the money was the culprit. He lost all the good things which he once had. Hardly had he understood this when he decided to return the money to that man. Next day, he visited the man’s apartment and returned the money saying, “Sir, I got the coveted money from you but I lost everything in this process. Please take it back”. His songs started again.

Moral of the story: You can’t get peace and satisfaction with money itself. Yeah, it’s true, to survive in the world, we need money. A lot of money in the pocket will do wonders to you. You can become carefree and don’t need to bother to think of future. But, are you sure you can secure your future? There are two feelings here:

One, you never know when and how you can secure your lives. So, you keep chasing money. Second, if the other guy next to your door has a car, why should you not? Both these factors compel you to yearn for more money. The more the better.

How can you calculate how much you need?

The best answer is to ask yourself, “Am I satisfied in my life and career?” If the answer is positive, you are done. You can look for peace now. Enjoy it and live the rest of your life to the fullest. You get a upper hand in having more fun, more excitement and more security, since you’re aware of your demands and priorities. However, if you think your earning doesn’t satisfy you, you gotta run harder and then, if settled anytime, should you look for peace. Unfortunately, the chance is very less. You’ll never know your satisfaction margin. So, the chase continues unto death.

Instead, set your priorities clear. Decide what you want? Peace, satisfaction, happiness, enjoyment, love? Or, dignity in society, high standard of living, cars, palatial home and always ahead in competition? If you choose the latter priorities, you won’t feel stopping. Even all the billionaires across the globe don’t know their mark. They keep on going and going oblivious of the fact that they become poorer day by day. Even a beggar with a broad smile is wealthier than a business tycoon who frowns to smile or counts the time he has wasted in smiling. Poor guy!!

So, earn how much you can; to the best of your capability. Do not stretch yourself and go nuts to reach the pinnacle. What will you achieve being atop? There is much scarcity in the top; not all can free their legs standing. You’ll be amongst the selected top ranked people there, but the majority will be on the ground. So, why the mad rush reaching there? Live your life with the people around you. Try to be content with what you have. Your family is your treasure. You won’t take anything after your material life. You can be only remembered by the good times you would spend with your friends and family and for the good deeds you would do. How on earth a busy man chasing after money can take out little time to spend with his dear ones? So, start thinking of your goals and once reached, try to be satisfied. It’s true. Live it.

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