Free online marketing tools for your business

Every business owner will tell you that marketing is the biggest item of cost. However, not all marketing tools are really expensive, there are a lot of free options. The only problem here is to know which one is really worth using to improve business.

I have done a nice research for you and tell about a free, new and already well-known ecommerce marketing platform.

The list below is definitely not the ultimate one, but you will certainly find a lot of useful information.

Correct writing

Misprints take next place of user’s irritation after failing of key functions of your website or an app. Illiteracy is often treated like a shabbiness, people think that you may be the same careless with your business. I do understand that misprints may occur occasionally and there is nothing wrong to check it before publishing. Such services like Grammarly are always at hand, it is also available for Microsoft Office products.

Nice headings

People make a decision whether to read your text or not by examining the heading you offer. Boring, subtle or unclear heading will kill all your efforts of content creation. It would be cool if there could have been somebody to optimize it when you just type ideas about the heading, wouldn’t it? Actually, this job has already been done. You may start with CoSchedule Headline Analyzer: it doesn’t offer perfect ideas, but shows the view of such heading on page with search results and gives some analytic about its seo-readiness. No limits for use – you can train and make all your headings perfect.

We all love data

Google Analytics is probably the best marketing tool that is offered for free. It is simple and highly effective to track reputation and remembrance on the Internet. Google alerts make it possible to create different requests for brand, niche, product or person. There are different filters are offered like country, language, frequency of informing, sources etc. You can’t miss anything important with it.

Those who feel lack of ideas

Selling too extraordinary thing can be even more complicated than a typical doormat. But the other problem copywriters often feel difficult is lack of ideas. Portent’s Content Idea Generation helps when you need a fresh eye on common thing. Just type what your product is and enjoy the results.

If you need to make a perfect design

According to Murphy, if something can go wrong, it certainly will. Every marketing agency or company has often faced a problem when they need a new design, but the worker is on holidays, ill or physically can’t do it. Luckily, there are thousands of places where you can take nice samples with photos like Canva, Crello or 99Designers.

Video making

Our modern gadgets are so technically skilled that a perfect content can be used just with the mobile phone. Adding several online tools will help you to make masterpiece of it. Think about Biteable Explainer Video when you need ordinary samples for short animation filled with nice visual effects.

Taggled.TV will be of great help if you want user to be redirected to a necessary webpage after clicking on the tag.

Email marketing aid

Nowadays marketers talk a lot about skipping, automation or simplifying routine processes. All you need to be mentioned in the crowd of competitors is to have nice letter drafts, clear statistics and something like settings for users, i.e. sending of the letter according to your clients’ time zones. Ask MailChimp – they know a lot about this stuff.

A piece of advice for social media

Generally the companies have business profiles in various networks. It is more or less ok, if you work with Facebook and Twitter only, but it may become a problem if there are 5-6 of them. HootSuite says that now you can several profiles from one interface. The idea is really cool and up 100 of accounts can be covered, free version of the platform is available for 3 networks what is quite good for a newbie with a small business.

Have you discovered any other free useful tools? Write below in the comments and share with everybody.

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