Everything you need to know about Cairns

Cairns in Queensland is not just a great place to visit, it is also one of the most popular places in Australia for foreigners to move to and settle in. Home to about 150,000 people, this coastal resort city is home to a World Heritage Listed playgrounds, quaint streets, friendly people, and best of all, fantastic year-round perfect weather. With all these features, it is no surprise why people choose to come to Cairns for holidays.

If you are thinking of relocating to Australia, Cairns in the far north of Queensland is the ideal place to call home. In this article, we have put together some of the essential information you need to make your move a success, including details that will help you settle into your new city seamlessly.

Why move to Cairns?

If you are looking for a city with high employment opportunities, affordable real estate, lots of opportunity for fun and adventure, you can’t do better than Cairns in Australia.

This city is among the top ten fastest growing metropolis in Queensland and has a vibrant economy influenced by tourism, hospitality, healthcare, and technology. Cairns is also renowned as one of the best access to two of the biggest attractions in the world – The Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics Rainforest. This makes it one of the biggest tourist hubs in the country and offers lots of opportunities for people looking to work or start up businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Cairns have an amazing nightlife, dozens of superb white sandy beaches, and lots of opportunities for fun and adventure.

Whatever your reason for moving to Cairns, whether because of its outstanding outdoors, career opportunities, or simply because you want to get away from it all, you will never regret making the move to Cairns.

Education in Cairns

Every year, hundreds of people leave countries like New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the USA and move to Australia in search of educational fulfilment. If this is your reason for relocating, you can be sure of finding the educational advancement you are looking for in Cairns.

Cairns has such as advanced education system made up of both public and private schools for primary and secondary students. So moving to Cairns with your family and children is a no brainer as you have the full guarantee that your children will get the best of education in this Queensland town.

If you are looking for the best place to further your education so that you can attract better career opportunities, the Cairns University and tertiary education system will fit the bill perfectly. There are a number of small campuses where you can study in peace and quiet, with a curriculum that is of the best international standard. In fact, Cairns is the best place for international students looking to get involved in tourism as they will get both the theoretical and hands-on experience needed for their chosen career.

Culture, fun, and adventure

Cairns has experienced a lot of growth over the years, signs of which you can see in almost every aspect of the city, especially in its rich and varied culture and history. In fact, there are so many places you can go to in the city where you will learn the rich history of this Queensland town, and where you will experience such a variety of culture not found in most Australian cities.

There are so many cultural centres located all over the region such as the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park and the Gab Titui Cultural Centre, both of which will enlighten you on the stories surrounding the Great Barrier Reef people and the Torres Strait culture respectively.

The city is also known for its many art galleries featuring well known Australian names as well as international talents.

As you can see, there are just so many features about Cairns that make it the ideal place to plant your roots. Not only will you make new experiences, meet new people, and enjoy new cultures, moving to Cairns will also help expand your horizon, teach you new skills, and place you in the perfect environment for personal growth.

Relocation requirements

As a New Zealander or Kiwi (to use the local parlance), you will not pass through the usual stringent process when moving to Cairns. All that is required is that your New Zealand is valid and that you qualify for a special category visa. This visa gives you immediate entry into Australia, and allows you to start work, school, or business, as long as you meet the requirements for each in your new city.

Of course, moving your belongings from your New Zealand home to your new home in Cairns may be a bit stressful, especially considering the Australian policy on certain imports. However, you can have a seamless relocation experience if you are willing to do the necessary research, and consider working with an experienced international moving company.

Wrapping up

Cairns is a beautiful place to visit for a holiday, but it is even better when you move and settle down in this beautiful resort city. There is an abundance of opportunities for hardworking people, and you will definitely be making the right choice should you choose to move to this city in the far north of Queensland.

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