Everyday dog grooming tips for canine lovers

Basic grooming will keep your dog looking good and fresh during the entire day. By starting your day off with this routine, you will have quality time to bond with him. Most of the dogs only require a once per week grooming since most of them stay indoors throughout the day. All you need is a dog grooming kit with items like dog brushes, nail clippers, cotton swabs, and dog shampoo.

During this process, ensure that you take care of the major parts such as the eyes, ears, teeth, and the skin. However, you should remember that overall grooming starts from the inside of an animal; thus the more reason to provide a healthy balanced diet. Once you come across a dull and itchy skin, this is a direct indication of poor dieting though the same is easily eradicated through proper precautions. Here are the basic grooming tips for your dog:

1. Hair brushing

Most of the dogs are so fond of being brushed, and they will stand still once you show some interest in their coat. Nevertheless, this should happen before you give your pap a quick bath. The primary purpose of brushing is to remove mats, dead hair, dirt, and tangles. During this process, you will aid in the distribution of natural oils all around skin thus giving him a healthy skin tone. Use the right kind of brush to give your dog perfect hairs. If your dog enjoys brushing, you can do it every day. Your bond will have grown stronger.

2. Bathing

Your canine requires regular bathing. However, this should not be as frequent as that of humans. The most recommendable is a once per week bath. If you are the person who exposes their dogs to daily washing, you have been doing a lot of injustices to him, including stripping him off of natural oils. Don’t be fooled that regular bathing keeps his skin clean; in fact, you have been destroying it all along.

The only time you are required to have frequent baths is if he suffers from skin problems, spends most of his time outdoors, or he rolls outside every time he gets an opportunity. Avoid cheap shampoos as they contain harsh chemicals that cause irritation and destruction of the skin. Go for quality shampoo from a dog’s store.

3. Trimming nails

Most professionals have advised dog owners to leave this art of trimming to them. Nevertheless, if you feel comfortable and qualified, you can still do it yourself. Most of the canines will react the moment you get hold of their paws. This is because of the pain that comes with the cutting of nails. To avoid aversion from him, never make the mistake of hurting him during the process. You should, therefore, get a vet or a groomer to teach you until you get comfortable. Most of the canines require a once per month trim though this will also depend on the growth rate of his nails. Always have quality and sharp clippers in your grooming kit.

4. Haircuts

Your pet will continue growing hair depending on his breed. Though the overall task is left for professionals, you can still handle the basics for easy maintenance.

5. Cleaning the ears

While brushing him, it is advisable to check his ears for any infections. Flop-eared dogs are prone to infections. You can make a simple ear cleaning solution from a mixture of white vinegar and water. Use a cotton swab to wipe out his ears. You should use a separate swab for each ear to avoid cross-contamination in case one of the ears has a problem.


Your canine requires utmost care from its master. Moreover, he needs to feel the love in his family all through. This love is only expressed through the above grooming activities.

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