What you need to know about Doctors.net.uk

Doctors.net.uk was founded in 1998 as an online closed community for doctors in the UK. It was among the first networking site to be introduced on the web. The company offers a number of web features to allow doctors to communicate online. This includes emails, a discussion forum, e-learning, and medical podcasts. The doctors also access an online medical textbook and medical image library.

Thousands of doctors use this forum each day for clinical questions and general discussion. The organization is free to join. If you are a doctor, you simply need your GMC registration details and if you are a student, you will need your student ID and medical school. Right after joining this forum you will receive a @doctors.org.uk email address with 6GB of free storage.

Doctors.net.uk helps the UK registered doctors in both primary and secondary care. They do this by enabling their members to access emotional and professional support through their online discussion forum on the website.

Furthermore, there is an additional resource so that doctors can save time in their work and research. Members also access the very latest news and free accredited education. This allows the doctors to have a continued professional development in their medical career. It may also interest you to know that it is absolutely free to gain membership.

Doctors.net.uk has been able to remain a free service to doctors and medical students across the UK through helping a range of organizations to market their products.

Founder of doctors.net.uk

The organization was founded by Dr. Neil Bacon a former nephrologist. He has been trained in Oxford and Harvard and has a clinical and academic career spanning for 18 years. Since the year 1998, doctors.net.uk has grown to be a multi-award winning and the largest online professional medical network.

This is the major reason Dr. Neil was made a fellow of the royal college of physicians in London. Wondering how he came up with this impressive idea? Dr. Neil was actually a junior doctor at the time. It all began when he was practicing clinical nephrology in Boston, back in 1993. This was the time when new technologies were emerging in the US. He noticed that this would change everything in healthcare and this will affect both the doctors and patients.

When he went back to the UK he embarked up a welcome-funded PhD. He kept on thinking about the internet and technology and what they could do for healthcare. Finally, he resorted to selling his house and used the money to start doctors.net.uk. He did not have any prior business or IT experience. People whom he shared his dreams with the thought that it was not wise to give up his job to start this company. However, with a lot of self-belief, motivation from the few who believed in him, drive and resilience, he was able to make it.

Doctors.net.uk bought by M3 USA

Dr. Neil later left doctors.net.uk after 12 years and successfully launched iwantgreatcare.org. The company was sold to M3 USA. So far, doctors.net.uk has a membership of over 184,000 doctors. It has now been acquired by international online healthcare company M3 USA. It is the largest and most active network of medical practitioners with an impressive reputation of 97 percent of its members who agree that it the most trusted source of information in the country. More than 300 doctors act as advisers and clinical information contributors in this online platform.

Benefits of becoming a member of doctors.net.uk include but not limited to:

  • Free accredited online education
  • Discussion forums
  • Daily medical news
  • A professional email address
  • Update your clinical knowledge
  • Take part in market research
  • Browse a range of clinical and non-clinical resources
  • Progress your career with regular job updates tailored to your needs

Benefits of pharma companies working with doctors.net.uk

Doctors.net.uk works with the leading pharma companies to run educational campaigns on GPS and a variety of medical conditions. Through these working relationships, pharma companies are able to establish their products and services to concur their competitors as the experts in their fields.

Another important aspect is the ability of doctors.net.uk to add value to the work of sales representatives and assist them to deliver a beneficial package. There is a gain to all parties who are involved in this organization. As members enjoy free services, the health industry can demonstrate their expertise to doctors via educational campaigns. This is beneficial to the clinical practice.

Doctors.net.uk partners with Dendrite

Doctors.net.uk signed a deal with pharmaceutical customer relationship management specialist Cegedim Dendrite. This was basically meant to integrate its one key system to the clinician network. This contract is for its OneKey database and consultancy services. This will enable better targeting of pharmaceutical and medical education content.

Doctors.net.uk will be able to standardize data sets as a result of the partnership with Cegedim Dendrite. Customers will now be able to compare pharmaceutical and medical data which was initially held in different warehouses.

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