Date ideas for married couples in Portugal

Are you finding it hard to remember when last you and your spouse had a special date? Your marriage is the most crucial relationship in your life, so you need to make time for regular dates nights.

These times allow you to spend time together, laugh, play, catch up and build memories. Making time for a date, weekly if possible, can help couples reconnect and energize their bond.

Having regular date nights doesn’t mean doing the same things every time; there are many date ideas for couples to make your time together memorable. Guest post expert Martim Nabeiro (view his profile) will look at some ideas more formal, like dressing up and going to a casino for the night. Others are outdoor activities or ideas to enjoy at home.

Formal And Planned

Casino night and dinner

A casino night can be a fun and playful night for both of you. Dress up for a fancy dinner at a restaurant, afterwards dive into one of the many casinos in Portugal.

Be as lavish or cheap as you like or can afford, but who knows, perhaps you strike it lucky and end up going home with more than you hoped for.

Tick off a bucket list item

Couples need to have goals that they can either work towards together or do together. Take the time, create a couples bucket list, and then do some of these items on your dates.

Here the sky’s the limit list of things that are easier to achieve and others that are dreams that will take time, effort or cash to reach. Plan, save if you must, but make an effort to tick off an item from this shared list regularly. It will strengthen your bond and get you excited about your shared future.

Have a spa day

There is just something special about being pampered together. Set aside a day or even an afternoon and go to a spa together. Get a couples massage, a pedicure or sit in the jacuzzi or sauna together. Such a day can be incredibly relaxing and lets you and your partner unwind and chat happily.

At home dates

Try online gambling

Have dinner, then sit down and play some online casino games. Read the latest Portuguese game reviews from Martim Nabeiro and decide on what games to play. You can check and make your choice from there.

Online gambling could be a hot date idea for married couples, for example, play poker online, but the one who loses has to take off a piece of clothing. Play slots or other table games giving special privileges to the winner, make it fun.

Relive Memories

Page through old photo albums, share stories from your childhood and families. Watch your wedding videos or relive vacations you had together. Take time to create new albums together or listen to music that is important to you.

When done discussing the past, you can look at the present where you are now or look to the future where you see yourself in ten years.

Outdoor Dates

Have A Tourist Day

With so much of the world in chaos at the moment, you might require covid date ideas for married couples. Why not have a tourist day in your city. Look for places that tourists usually want to see and go there. It could be a scenic drive or overview, a botanical garden or a quaint neighbourhood.

Have fun, dress like a tourist and visit one of Lisbon’s museums and galleries together. You could talk about the art or exhibitions, what they mean to you and what feelings and emotions they stir.

Ride A Sightseeing Bus

Many amazing bus routes in Portugal could make for a great day of bonding and building memories. Jump on a city bus, ride the whole course, and discuss the sights, sounds and people you see along the way.

Alternatively, join a sightseeing hop-on hop-off tour for the day. Climb off the bus at places you want to see as a couple, take in the sights and make memories all over Portugal. On the way, home have a debriefing session where you share your insights.

Go For A Picnic

A picnic could be a great date idea to rekindle the marriage, and there are so many different ways and places to make it unique. Pack some snacks, a bottle of wine and a blanket and drive to a nearby lake, beach, fountain or river. Relax and unwind in the beautiful Portuguese surroundings, or have it in your own backyard.

Make food or order takeout to take on your picnic. Read poetry, dream and imagine together, stargaze or cuddle with a fire if you can. Make it special in your own way, if you can’t go out, do it in the living room!

In closing

Whatever your present circumstances, it’s important to have date ideas for couples and do something special together. Go places, see sights, laugh, play, have fun, but most of all, communicate and make memories together as a married couple.

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