3 common carpet issues – one solution

Food spills, stains, odour problems, in fact, anything and everything! These common issues cause a lot of damage to the investment made into your carpet. The carpeted floors in homes provide comfort so keeping it in good condition should be a priority for the homeowner. Routine vacuuming is undoubtedly the best way to keep carpet looking like new but what about all those stains and odors that are shortening the carpet lifespan and others ill. Here are three common carpet issues that can cause it to wear out faster:

Spills & Stains

Problem: ketchup, coffee, chocolate, tea, juice, beer, berries, hard candy; these all food or drink spills leave stain on the carpet. Whether be it wine that got spilled accidentally by you or your 4-year old son spilled his paint bottle, accidents happen and these could leave stains on the carpet. Stains result in yellowing, browning and graying of the carpet over time if not cleaned properly. When people attempt to remove stains themselves, the situation gets worse than better. Though there are stain-resistant carpets, but no carpet is completely stain proof.

Solution: When you’re not able to remove stains, call a carpet cleaner. They have latest carpet cleaning solutions and tools and expertise to remove almost any stain from any type of carpet materials.

Pet Odours

Problem: Pet lovers know that accidents happen when pets are all around every time. When pets urinate over the carpet, it smells very bad. The bad odour can stink up your entire house. It also increases bacteria growth and leaves stain behind when dries.

Solution: For removing carpet odours and making it look new forever, there is only one solution: hiring a professional carpet cleaner.


Problem: Having gum on the carpet can be a sticky situation for anyone. People usually use knife to scrape the gum off the carpet, but this can ultimately damage the carpet fiber. Even after scrapping the gum some residues might remain deep in the carpet.

Solution: Don’t try to remove the gum using heat or other methods if you don’t know how to apply them exactly because you’ll end up blemishing the carpet. When nothing works, give a call to a carpet cleaner.

Over time, the quality of carpet will deteriorate unless you don’t hire professional carpet cleaning services. A clean carpet looks better and also provides a healthier environment to your family. Professional carpet cleaners ensure that their customers are provided with the long lasting and quality carpet cleaning services. The best cleaning companies provide specialist services such as steam cleaning and green-certified solutions for cleaning carpets that are safe for your family and pets.

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