Bleu de Chanel review

When it comes to perfumes, women find it a lot easier to swim into the ocean of variety and pick whatever piques their interest. For men, the choosing is quite a bit of a struggle.

Breaking convention is not as easy because it comes at the cost of elegance and society is not nearly as accepting of men breaking stereotypes as women. Fashion and beauty means following trends rather than outshining them in most cases.

However, there is a fine line which can be toed; where men will find that they are tapping into something wholly unconventional and unique while at the same type exhibiting the aura of a product that is inherently familiar and somewhat conservative.

Today we are going to talk about the Bleu de Chanel and how it manages to successfully toe that line between individuality and conformity.

The aquatic has blended more into this hybrid than is considered prudent which means Chanel is willing to take risks. Now, they may not always pay off but at the very least you’re vying for something greater than the generic.

The base is naturally woody, with base notes comprised primarily of grapefruit and peppermint. The sweetness is pleasant yet restrained; they didn’t go overboard with it. The undertones of amber further add a surreal quality to the mixture.

In the background of the scent, you will still be able to detect that faint aroma of the smoky citrus flavor. However, those particular notes are not that readily apparent, elegantly camouflaged, adding to the flavor without drawing attention.

One the best things about the cologne is how long it lasts. Twelve hours after a mild spray you can still smell it quite strongly on your body.

It will serve you well, on any kind of occasion, formal or informal; work meetings, black-tie events, late night parties or a date. The scent is not so jarring that it becomes offensive, yet not so feeble either that it fails to impress. It manages to strike the perfect balance between the two worlds which makes it suitable for the gentlemen with very particular palates.

Like we said before, it’s very moderate in its approach. Elegance is a perfect balance of pizzazz and restraint and Blue de Chanel manages to adhere to that guideline perfectly. The outcome is a perfume that is fiercely classy.

There are undercurrents of notes such as grapefruit and pink pepper complimenting the major mint, citrus and mossy notes. The end result is something that reminds us heavily of a mid-summers eve, bursting with floral scents.

The floral flavor is mainly due to the patchouli, labdanum and the rich jasmine which gives…

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