Adopting dogs – everything you need to know

Are you an animal lover who wants to decide on adopting a dog? Are you ready for the full-time role as a dog guardian? You should be prepared for the adoption process because some decisions to adopt can be out of impulse and may result in a traumatic adoption experience, while others can be successful. When you are ready to shower your dream dog with love, do some research about the adoption shelter and processes involved.

What you need to know before adopting a dog

Adopting a dog is a big commitment. It’s important to consider if you have enough time, space and money to take care of your new pet. So, before you welcome an adopted dog into your home, here are the things you need to know:

Financial Capacity

Financial capacity should be considered before adopting a dog. Caring for dogs is not cheap. Dogs need to be cared for and the bills can add up quickly. You need money to buy high-quality food, toys, treats, grooming and regular and emergency vet visits, bedding, harness, collar and more. Dogs need to be cared for just like humans. If you can afford the bills you have won half the battle of owning a pet for life.

Decision Making

Do you travel a lot? Who will be there to care for your dog when you are travelled? Do your parents or siblings love dogs? Do you live in a house with enough space? Will the dog be a good fit for your lifestyle? This entire question should be answered before you adopt your dog. So, you can decide to pay a walker who will take care of your dog when you travel or ask a friend or family. Get the answers sorted and be comfortable with it before you start the process.

Transition process

Adopted dogs may take some time to adapt to the new home. Dogs tend to act differently from how they behaved in the shelter, and the transition might take time. It can affect their personality by making them more destructive, not wanting to go out and hiding under furniture or dark places, and they become jumpier. They can be startled by noises from television, blender, cars and the list goes on. Be patient to go through the transition process with them by providing a comforting presence for them. Adopting a dog can bring happiness to your home.

Microchipping and Tagging Your Dog

Get proper tags for your dog to prevent them from going missing. For example, when an accident happens, your dog might run away and not make its way home. But with a properly labelled tag with the dog’s name and your phone number, the dog can get help and be brought back home. Microchipping is also one of the effective ways of protecting your dog from being lost or stolen. Ask your vet for information about the implants.

Getting your Dog Nails Trimmed

Dog nails can get so long and affect the way they walk, their nervous system and their gait. The nails should be trimmed regularly to avoid the effect of the longs nails from inferring with their movement. You can trim it at home or get a groomer to handle it.

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