10 most romantic small towns in Europe

Often, when planning a trip, we make choices in favor of well-known routes and countries. And what if this season, we say yes to something new and discover the most romantic places we have never thought of visiting? I have picked up a list of 10 cities the beauty of which is undeservedly not taken into regard.

Bruges, Belgium

Miles of gingerbread houses along the banks of the canals and romantic streets, connected by arched bridges, have transformed Bruges into a small analog of Venice. It’s called one of the most picturesque cities in Europe, and it’s keenly believable! Perfect for the romantic couple photoshoot, with all the edible looking houses and picturesque sceneries at the background.

bruges belgium photo

Sintra, Portugal

Sintra is an amazingly bright and unusual city. Its colorful pompous castles and exotic gardens seem to be scenery to someone’s overseas fairy tale. Blazing sun, cozy little streets, and amazing hospitable people will leave you the greatest impression about Portugal. What a place to escape from the city! Just meet your real love in single women video chat if you need company and start your journey!

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

When, in the 15th century, the Ottoman Empire occupied Bosnia and Herzegovina, it made the first census. Mostar looked completely different now; it was a settlement formed on a trade route near a wooden bridge. There were only 19 houses here. The old bridge once split Mostar into Bosnian and Croatian parts. Now, East and West miraculously intertwined in the city. You can feel it not only in architecture but also in the local kitchen and tradition.

Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina

Novi Sad, Serbia

This Balkan beauty embraces a unique nature and blue eyes of lakes, beech forests and spacious vineyards, hops and sunflowers flowing in the air. The picturesque town with colored houses is not simply considered to be the cultural capital of Serbia. This is the center of museums, galleries, and monuments, and a beautiful panoramic view of the Danube opens up from the walls of the Fortress of Petrovaradin. The tragic history of Serbia can be seen at every step: Orthodox churches and ruins of Roman fortresses, Ottoman mosques and Byzantine palaces, beautiful monasteries and stunning frescoes.

Bled, Slovenia

Bled is a small, cozy town, as in general, and all in Slovenia. But, in my opinion, it is unique in its location on the shores of the wonderful Lake Bled which is rightly called the pearl of Europe. They have long been eager to get there in order to improve their health and enjoy the wonderful landscapes. Bled is located at the foot of the Julian Alps, on the shore of one of the most beautiful reservoirs of our planet. The quiet surface of the lake draws fascinates and doesn’t let go.

bled slovenia

Coman, Albania

This unremarkable small town serves as something like a gate behind which the natural beauty of Koman Lake lurks. Rose water, bright greenery on the shores — it seems that there is no place in the world that is more beautiful and magnifies couples starving for the intimate feeling of privacy more. It is perfect for the introverts fed up with modern noise of the cities.

Brasov, Romania

Brasov is called the pearl of Transylvania. It is securely hidden in the valley between the snow-covered mountains and is in no hurry to share its secrets. It’s all the same as it was a few centuries ago: medieval fortresses, houses with tiled roofs, and clock on the church tower which strikes counting every hour as if reminding that there are still places in the world the time just passed by without any change in their majestic look.

brasov romania

Ronda, Spain

Everyone knows that Andalusia is one of the brightest and most colorful autonomous regions of Spain and every Spanish tourist must visit this place. For several centuries, this unusual city has been hovering over the abyss. It seems that it absorbed a hot Spanish sun, and its old streets retain all the secrets of centuries-old history.

Porto, Portugal

It gave its name to the whole country, as well as world-famous beverage port wine. The lively and colorful former capital of Portugal will charge anyone cheerfulness and fun. A great destination for a romantic weekend if you want to recharge your batteries.

porto portugal

Bergamo, Italy

As soon as you arrive here, you can stroll around the city for hours and still feel that you have so much left to see because it is so cozy and absorbing. Bergamo is located on the top of the hill. And after a long, tiring walk, what can be better than visiting one of the Italian cafés for locals, hidden in the suburb mazes, and trying all 250 types of pizza?

Albarracin, Spain

This pink city seems to resemble a living illustration from the old book. Immersed by the sun, it stands on rocky hills. Here, you just want to get lost in its narrow streets and inhale the hot Spanish air.

Albarracin Spain

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