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Summer Travel Prices Could Drop 40%

Travelzoo (NASDAQ: TZOO), a publisher of travel deals, predicts Americans will see the best travel offers in years this summer. The combination of low oil prices, a strong dollar, cheaper airfares and the impact of global events such as the Zika virus and instability...

Motherhood is hard work

Paul fell into the water. But his mother is there to help. Don’t imagine Paul is the real name of the cub. It may be by a pure and fantastical chance. I thought it fitted him. If I had a polar bear like this little one Paul would be his name. No name comes into...

Earth is not round anymore

Well, well, I know, it never was, you might say. We all know it’s flattened at the poles and bulges at the equator. But when we draw it, we still draw it round. Some guys didn’t agree with this shape. This is why they decided to make it cubic. And strong...

I wish I run like him

Latest from the other side of the Earth, some news about the world’s oldest competitive sprinter. This man is a role model. Hidekichi Miyazaki is his name and he’s 105 years old. And he dared to run. Yeap, to run a 100 metres race. It’s time, it...

Food for the people

Good news fellows. This winter we have enough wheat to survive. This is only one example but if there are more, our agriculture looks good. There is one wheat grower in Northumberland who made 16.52 tonnes-a-hectare of wheat from its wheat crop. That’s about...

Not again

Angry Birds are back in business. More forceful and funnier than ever. This time on the big screen. Surprising we might say. Expected also. My opinion is we should have seen it a couple of years ago. I think now is a bit late. And in fact is not now, it’s the...

I guess you already realized, I’m not Mike Myers, the actor. But I want to tell you something, I am a big fan of him. I don’t know if it’s because of the name as we share the same name, or because of the quality of his acting, anyway I’m a big fan. Consequently, the next sections are dedicated to him. And to me.

Mike Myers Movies

I like most


and maybe more to come if he feels like continuing. So here they are (with links to each movie page on IMDB):

and I hardly wait for Austin Powers 4. There are rumors Mike Myers will produce this film and I guess we will also see him on screen.

Mike Myers Austin Powers

Top 10 of Austin Powers Films Moments


Mike Myers vs Mike Myers

Head to head, me and him


  • Born: June 19, 1972 in Kingston upon Thames, UK vs May 25, 1963 in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
  • Age: 43 vs 52
  • Height: 1.79 m vs 1.73 m
  • Nationality: British vs British Canadian
  • Citizenship: British vs British & Canadian & American
  • Occupation: Engineer vs Actor, comedian, musician, writer, film producer and film director
  • Wife: 1 vs 2 (Divorce: 2007), Children: 1 vs 2
  • TV Appearances: One during news on flooding in New Malden vs featured performer on Saturday Night Live in 787 episodes
  • Characters: Myself vs Austin Powers, Ed Fenech, Guru Pitka, Donald Cashington, The Cat, John Witney, Donnie Shulzhoffer, Pete, Wayne Campbell and of course Shrek as voice
  • Latest movie: A friend’s wedding vs Inglourious Basterds